Rantings of a bored mind

Ever had that kind of moment when you have tons of stuff to do but don’t feel like doing them because you have too much stuff to do? Yep, I’m in that mood now. I am a dead man. Wait, I am already dead. I was so bored until I went to watch Flags of our Fathers on DVD at home. I didn’t finish it but it got me thinking. Why do people die for their country? War isn’t what it looks like on computer games. The pain and death is real and you don’t heal by standing over a med-pack or respawning. And what is it about planting a flag on a piece of rock? What’s worse than that? Your friends dying around you while trying to plant the flag.
What is it like to sacrifice something dear to you for the greater good?
What greater good?
Alright that was just some food for thought. Now on to some light hearted stuff.
We sang our physics song today. Mine was like shi*. Rewriting Tokyo drift and rapping it is not easy. REALLY, it ain’t easy…Teoh pwnzed. Painzor
And I saw a parkour article in the chinese newspaper today. WTF??? A parkour community in SG? IMBA!!!