VIPOH – Great success?

ALRIGGHHHT… … It’s the time of the year again and open house is TODAY! Woots! I can’t believe I’m actually getting excited over an IP event other than the Beyond Borders trips. So anyway I got posted to Ushering. But no…me no liking ushering. Tis bad to lie about 73|-| IP. So I went to Japillai and made a swap with Keith. So now I’m logistics. WOOT! Logistics PWN oneoneone. And so guess where I’m posted? 73|-| concourse oneoneone. According to leonard, it’s the biggest place to set up. Now I’m having regrets… …But at least there are alot of ppl posted to the concourse.
On Friday, the day before saturday or the day before Open house the concourse ppl had lots of work to be done. First of all had to set up the banners, arrange the tables and chairs, get the projectors and projector screens and check if they are working and of course my favourite part…moving the gazebo…(or whatever way you spell it, in other words it’s a freaking huge tent that the Beyond borders booth were using…
So the gazebo was at the track and we had to move it into the concourse. So Elroy, Donovan, Jia Wei (some SC guy) and me had to move the lousy thing into the concourse. And because the gazebo was so huge…we tried entering the concourse by 3 different ways before entering on the third with Althea dancing underneath it feeling like a princess. And guess what? Two of the supporting beams broke. Fantastic…We managed to bring it into the concourse where the mechanic can fix it…aka me. So I went to the IP shit house…I mean storeroom and hunted around for two metal bars and I found them. and what are 2 large heavy metal bars doing in the IP storeroom? I don’t know, don’t ask me. Some of the loggies cleared it out on tuesday and I know what’s inside…which includes two metal bars. So I went back to the gazebo and got to work…took me about half and hour fixing the thing with two metal bars and LOTS and LOTS of masking tape…heh heh.
Then I had to face Morgan and get stuff from the techie territory. Stuff like projectors and projector screens and cables. Lots and lots of cables. So when you get electronic equipment what’s the first thing to do? TEST THE FRIGGING THING OR MORGAN WILL HAVE MY HEAD…and the rest of my body in his belly, thank goodness I’m not a SC counsellor or else… Ok so all the projectors were working. And while Elroy and me were testing the stuff out somebody, I shall not say who, ksqoaaso, came and said this
"Er…excuse me, my main concern is not wether the projectors are working now but whether the presenters know how to work it."
"Oh…ok. We’ll let them know."
"Alright, thanks."
A huge WTF look descended on my face. If the projectors are not working now, then there’ll be a 100% chance that they’ll fix themselves for tomorrow and ready for use. AND if the presentors are stupid enough to not know how to plug a plug into the power socket, then there’ll be a 100% chance that they’ll be unable to find a loggie or someone who knows how to plug a plug into a power socket. Hey just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t happen RIGHT? Oh the failure of nduction. ARGH!!! Don’t be ridiculous. If the projectors are not working now then you’re screwed for tomorrow. If the presenters don’t know how to use the projectors, there’ll be tonnes of loggies crawling around the concourse. *Smacks head, bangs wall and jumps off building. SHEESH!
SO anyway we finished testing the projectors and cables and "taught" the presenters how to use the projectors by this age old method.
"Oi, you know how to use the projector right?"
"Yarh, I not stupid."
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
OK, now on to the day of open house.
Not much excitement during open house. Loggies do their work before and after open house. But Elroy and I are special! We get to be in charge of the sound systems in the concourse. WOOT! This means we work before, during and after! We have to be the most hardworking loggies in the VIPOH. Too bad we don’t get a prize for that. Self-satisfaction is enough.
Anyway now to the main topic of discussion after so much crap.
Was this open house a success?
Well, we had VERY poor publicity, having to resort to youtube videos and MMS messages. Not a bad idea for a tight budget though but I felt that the turnout for this year was not as good as the previous 2 years. I even overhead some ppl complaining about some stuff, open house too short and so on and so forth. And as grandmaster Chew of old always says,"A problem must have a cause…" and he usually follows with,"And the cause is YOU!" So what’s the cause for this lousy turnout and atmosphere? (couldn’t feel the hype over open house, no enthusiasm by parents.) The cause might be "me" as in the body of students. I feel that we’re the partial cause of the problem but what I feel is the real problem is the leadership. I shall not say anymore. Think about it.
Disclaimer: I am world-renowned for being a realist and being very very critical so please do not feel offended.
P.S. Anybody know how to add a tagboard for MSN space? This firetrucking space has got nothing in it.

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