The day Gi-fish made us eat their bubbles and bite their dust

This is a lag entry. Date should be 21 April 2007 saturday.
I can’t believe it. Gi-fish actually played us out! Us as in the ironman ppl. Anyway I’m not going to call him Gi-fish. I’m going to call him Geebot since he majored in AI and his OS is rusty. Today was supposed to be the day of our elective assessment. We were supossedly signed up for the inter-school biathlon organised by the Singapore triathlon association. I just realised the previous night that we haven’t collected our race kits yet. Which includes the championchip and necessary stuff you need to run the race. I had no clue about it because Geebot didn’t tell us anything! So we all hoped Geebot collected it for us.
So I went down to ECP and camped at BBQ pit 64 area F. When everyone arrived (X-country ppl and VJ swimmers), I noticed that they had their race kits. Geebot was here also but he didn’t look like he had anything for us. SO I went up to ask him.
"Will we be getting race kits?"
"Wah, i think you don’t need a race chip to make you do this kind of thing right?"
Then all the Ironman ppl went WTF??!! So we’re crashing the event?? Apparently so. So while everyone was getting ready we were still standing around like some extra. The scum of all the VJ participants. Like some cuckoo who messed up. I can’t believe I skipped sailing for this. We’re going to U-turn at NSC anyway so I might as well stop there, rig up and meet everyone out at sea.
When everyone had started the race Geebot made another route for us to swim but we’ll run the same track as the participants. And this would be our assessment, not the real biathlon, the pseudo-biathlon that he made for us. Orh ok lor. So I swam and ran my heart out and actually came in second out of the six/seven ironman ppl. Losing only to CK. (He’s IMBA I tell you…IMBA) And guess what? Geebot failed everyone in the end. WTF??!! He’s really a robot with a rusty OS. One fail all fail. Protocol.
"Ok, so wash up and then you guys can go. That’s it for today."
I really wanted to smack that robot. But I was too tired for any emotion. I was like Ok lor attitude. All the training for nothing, all the "mua zi" for nothing, all the scolding from YouWee! for nothing, all the "sick chicken" taunts for nothing. Fine…let it be.
Although the whole thing was a rip-off. The ironman ppl still went out for lunch together and I learnt some valuable lessons and had some new sights.
Lesson 1. It’s possible to crash a biathlon, just don’t swim the swim with them and run in the opposite direction they’re running
Lesson 2. The water at the booths are NOT for you. The girls there are smart enough to know whether you have a tag or not
Lesson 3. Although the girls offering drinks are kind enough to offer drinks, they feel offended when you snatch the cup from the table or from them and then throwing it on the floor. Next time, stop running first, take the drink with both hands and say thanks and dispose the cup in a nearby rubbish bin before catching up with the 20 ppl who overtook you because they snatched the cup and threw it on the ground.
Lesson 4. When offering water, stretch your hand till you block three quarters of the road and say "Wha dau" when somebody doesn’t take the drink.
Sights 1. There’s a ambulance called HOPE AMBULANCE. Hope… …ambulance? Sounds wierd right?
Sights 2. It doesn’t stop at HOPE AMBULANCE. Guess what I found on the wind shield? Tokyo drift sticker. WTF?? Now I know why it’s called HOPE ambulance. I HOPE the AMBULANCE driver isn’t from TOKYO DRIFT.

One comment on “The day Gi-fish made us eat their bubbles and bite their dust

  1. Kenny says:

    does the ambulance have a RB26DETT transplant? or a veilside fortune widebody kit?

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