Life after review week

Life is good…at least for now. Life after review week really rocks. There’s minimal homework. Helmsman week is next week, another week of relaxation. Can fully concentrate on Sailing. Can go long distance cycling…breathe in some fresh air and i somehow ended up next to a bird pet shop so I spent quite some time there listening to the birds sing and the parrots squawk. I think those little parrots look really cute. I can’t remember what they’re called. They’re bright coloured and smaller than your palm. AND…when you’re cycling always check for blind spots. I somehow wound up in an industrial estate somewhere near me house and I almost got langah or hit by a taxi at a taxi repair bay of some sort and then not 10 metres away almost got hit by another car coming out of some obscure road. cannot tahan lei. Almost got killed by a taxi then 10 seconds later almost got killed by some car. Inductively I reasoned that this place isn’t meant for cyclists so I U turned and went back. AND I found this sailing shop near Simpang bedok. Woots! All the gear I’ll ever need. But them bugger close shop at 6 pm. I reached there at 6.45 so all I could was peek into the shop and drool at all the cool life jackets, lycra shirts, polished and new trolleys and new ropes…argh! I’m drooling again. Must stop thinking about it. I shall return next monday to check out the place.
Anyway since review week is over, got time to sit down and ponder about life. So here’s some food for thought, please leave a comment once you’ve read it.
Life is short. Honestly. What can we do within 80 years if we’re lucky. Why can’t we be like elves in LOTR. Eternal creatures whose bodies never fail them unless they are killed. Immortality, what does it mean? Living forever is a blessing yet a very scary concept. I we are able to live forever, we must have a start in order to "start living forever" right? That would be our birth. We are born into this world at a set time and we will perish at a set time. Imagine a timeline from 1 AD to 2500 AD. Somewhere along that line was yuor birth and a little later is your death. If we were eternal then we would only be born, the timeline would go on and on. 
But I believe that we are eternal beings. Death is only a transition. I believe in life after death. We are sentient beings for a reason. Evolution cannot produce thinking beings wth heart mind and soul. We were created and death will bring us to our creator in everlasting glory. But where we spend the rest of our lives after death is anoter issue. I believe that one can either go to heaven or hell. And the scary thing is that we only have this measly time on earth to determine where we go for eternity. Eternity isn’t the scary concept, this is.
>>>To be continued

One comment on “Life after review week

  1. Kenny says:

    (Ugh creationist, but the stig decides to change perspectives for a while.)
    Looking at things from your perspective, yes it really is firetruckingly scary that we only have so little time to decide where we can go after death.
    (Back to the normal stig)
    Life of a puny individual is a mere fraction of a second in the geological timescale. And the longevity of a species is just a few seconds. I await the decimation of our species, by something superior. Perhaps this is the only means of progress.

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