ahh…the long wait is over…

Today is saturday but first I must blog about THURSDAY!!! The reason why I MIA for sooo long is because of this stupid lousy event called review week. SOmething like a CA but MUCH more stress…Though I only started studying a week before. LAWL…Just only studying one week before doesn’t mean I dodn’t put in effort okay…I but in 100% quality work. Okay I’m bluffing. It’s 70%. The other 30% go into daydreaming, thinking about the best way to snipe a poor bugger in Halo 2… etc But…70% is still a pass. Right? Muahaha. ANyway I am very high but tired. Review week is over! Which means no more tests until after June holidays!!! SHIOK AH!!! All the hard effort has finally paid off. Woots. I spent the whole thursday doing parkour around in the class and watching VS sports day whcih was dissappointing since we didn’t get to see Chia. HIA! Lollerskates…Then after the parkour was GYM followed by frisbee. What a way to celebrate the end of review week! WOOTS! PArkour, gym and frisbee! Woohooohooohooohooohooo!
ANywayz today is sailing day or saturday lawls. Wind was flat in the morning so we ended up playing cards and repairing our boats. Afternoon was a nightmare. The wind started picking up. Dark clouds everywhere. Strong winds plus rain = not fun = misery But still must sail…Thank goodness the rain died quickly. My specs were dissoling and I could only see water in front of me. Thank goodness I wear specs not contact lenses too. And thank goodness the wind died down to a nice wind speed which everyone liked. Form then on it was smooth sailing. Other than the few instances I capsized, got hit on the head by the boom while resting ( I couldn’t believe it) and my trolley being stolen, it was a fine day to sail. AND…also not forgetting the PIE PARTY we had. Every sailor has to bring something that has the word pie in it. Me being suthentic asian I brought Pi(e)neapple cocktail hahahaa. Because I know nuts about pies, let alone making them. I only know how to eat Lol. Anyway there was tons of food because we got tons of sailors. We have the ultra-mega ownage shepherd’s pie. Bird’s double cooked apple pie which tasted amazingly good although she left it in the oven for too long, ice cream, three types of chicken pie and a hell lot more. And the best thing was that we ate our stuff RIGHT IN FRONT OF UNCLE RAYMOND. He’s the bugger who monopolised the food industry within NSC and plagued the sailors with oily food. ANd we ate it right in front of him. Muahahaha.Serves him right. We should do this more often and plague him with good yummy and healthy food. The reason he’s not fat is because he has never eaten his own food. That’s why Mr Yong only eats the fried rice I guess. The rest are dripping with oil. Lawl.
Anyway that;ll be all on my reprotings on saturday. aka today.
Btw. anyone who knows how to do a wall run teach me please. I’ve been trying and i only succeed in flinging myself off the wall not up. Lollerskates

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