What a week

Again I have not much time to write in detail everything that I have experienced but heck, i’m just recording for recording’s sake… And because I’m so traumatised by physics test…All the titles will be in the form of equations…
1. Sailing – concentration x focus = madness
Sailing today was a nightmare…Number one reason is because I couldn’t concentrate…Must be the physics test today…Drain all my mental energy and sucked my day’s quota of optimism away. I couldn’t even sail in a straight line!!! I feel like shit now. Race is next week and I’m still like this… All my concentration are belong to Mr Boy…btw Norman came to train with us today…er…he came to train with me specifically…Lawl.
2. Physics test date – 1 day = madness
Physics test today was out of the world…Honestly I think I’m going to fail big time…I didn’t know I had to study statics! What’s the point in testing LAST year’s work? Like wtf lawl…So i think I flung that section…GG liao lor… AND…yesterday Mr boy told us that the physics test was shifted to wednesday instead of thursday. It totally screwed up my revision plan…So last night CHIONG AR!!! Magnus effect, I mean Madness effect. Seriously siao liao…
3. Bidding 5 no trump + winning all 13 tricks = SERIOUS MADNESS!!!
Yesterday I still managed to find time to play bridge in class before going home. Daryl from IP3 came over to our class ( I dunno why) to hang around…So he played bridge with us. When I got my hand I had the K, Q, J, 10, 8 and 5 of hearts another Q of something and a ace of something. The bid had gone up to 5 spades by daryl and HECK! Just whack…5 no trump! Of course I won…My partner was Ace of hearts. I should’ve called ace of spades but it turned out that daryl had really IMBA cards and he had both the ace of spades and ace of hearts… With the help of 2 free frags…Which I won with a 8 and another digit lower than 10…Daryl and I made a clean sweep of 13 tricks. I couldn’t believe I won 5 no trump! I was so happy! That surely made my day. Furthermore, we won EVERY trick…Can’t believe it. My first time someone won all 13…
Lawl…all the funny stuff for the week…Going mad real soon…

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