Class bbq

Shucks…this is an extremely late post. Got so angry with YouWee! till I forgot all about writing about it. SO therefore I shall put my anger aside and relive the moments…
It began with shopping at Parkway. There was alot of stuff to buy for the bbq. It was for 05v13, 06v13 AND 07v13…Talk about alot of ppl…So we went around hunting for stuff like ice, hotdogs, drinks and halal marshmallows (Rocky mountains marshmallows aren’t halal because they have pork gelatin in it…What the???) As I always say that there’s a lesson to be learnt from everything. And lesson learnt from shopping was…carrying an icebox with around 10kilos of ice isn’t as easy as it seems…AND Ms Toh’s hypothesis about hearing victorians before seeing them was proven true. I could hear those three clowns a mile away.
After lugging the icebox to the bbq pit and changing, I immediately kicked into camper instincts…HUNT FOR WOOD!!! With cui yue’s help I found alot of bark and medium branches but nothing substantial. The fire wouldn’t last long. So after hunting aorund for wood, I then realised how anti-social I was. The other 06v13s were all sitting happily on the jetty screaming hate words to whoever they hated and chatting merrily away. Keith and Kenny were yakking about the marine life or other stuff. The PRCs were sitting at the bbq pit chatting while looking after our belongings. While I was out alone looking for wood to burn. And i realised long ago that no one is as much as a happy camper than I. Everyone seems to hate camps and only i love camping (not psued-camps like NACLI, NACLi camp has a concrete roof over your head and an air conditioner to freeze you to death AND power sockets for you to plug in your portable speaker and blast Jay Chou music in the middle of the night…) So I was doing this in my own interests. How anti-social. However I convinced myself that my campfire later will help bring ppl together. I was wrong of course. But my fire did manage to please a few people. A FEW…
So after looking for wood and paying the bbq food deliveryman I wanted to start the fire but there was no grill so I didn’t start the fire. Looking back, I thought that that was a very lame excuse. Couldn’t believe how noob i was…by the time the fire really got going everyone was here and starving…shucks…
The 07v13 ppl came at exactly 7 pm. most of them came together. What a show of class unity. I hope it lasts…Haiz…it reminded me of Mr Yang’s question: Does class unity only mean going out together or having activities together? Despair…despair…it seems like the osvotians have misunderstood class unity. Anyway back to the bbq. We had a conspiracy to dunk at least one of the juniors…We already had a failed attempt to dunk christine and Keith already dunked himself so others wouldn’t dunk him. We originally targeted Gwen because she had followed my instructions to come in PE attire…but we changed our target to this guy called Lucas because Cheng Kai said he was from some british institute thingy. So Operation L soon began…After the 07s finished taking their photos we zeroed onto our target.
Zhai Juan: Hi, is your name Lucas?
Lucas: er…yah.
Zhai Juan: Okay, we’re going to dunk you.
Lucas: er…okay….
*Chengkai, Zhai Juan, Donovan and me grabbed him and flung him into the sea. He landed on a sandbar because Cheng Kai’s shoes and long pants got wet therefore we couldn’t throw him in deeper waters. Must have hurt
Donovan: I feel him mon…
So back to tending the fire…once the fire was ready we decided to start cooking. I took out a packet of something and MY WORD!!! It was frozen solid!!! We have to let it thaw first…and people were already after the us (the cooks) with plastic forks and paper plates…We did managed to cook some stuff and I gave up cooking…I grabbed two lighters and went over to my bonfire which I had already stacked nicely. All I needed to do was to light the tinder and the whole thing will start burning…Problem: Tinder won’t light…I wondered why, leaves were dry enouogh, they made a cracking sound if you crushed them in your hand…I didnt understand why. Then a non-camper, Kenny, suggested using Jun Han’s deodarant to get the thing going. I unwillingly accepted and Kenny rushed back into the throng of people and returned with the deo. It just wasn’t the camper way…Anyway the makeshift flamethrower did get the fire going…the tinder caught fire and the twigs started to burn, whcih in turn lighted the branches which in turn lighted the larger pieces of wood. The fire was ready…Time to be an anti-social. I sat there admiring my work and enjoying the heat. Pris, Rhoda, Jillian, Sharon and Andrea came over to bask in the campfire’s glory…Hey it’s all natural alright, no kerosene…except for the deo part to get it to light up…I brought over the marshmallows and my poncho. I laid it down and lay on it, looking at the bright stars. What a night… …if only someone were here to enjoy it with me. I got up from my poncho to roast a few marshmallows and soon after it was swarming with girls trying to get some space on the poncho to lie down on and watch the stars(why am i the only one of my gender among the others? I guess they like the fire…lol)…There goes my poncho…Kenny brought some beef over and I ate the whole thing…not without being called a fire trucker…I think he intended to share it with me not let me gobble up the whole thing. I ate little that night, the campfire took away my appetite. It was captivating…A campfire is like a baby, always needing attention. Put in the wrong stuff and poof no fire, put int the right stuff in the wrong manner and it’ll never start…
Soon after it was time to wrap up. I was camping at keith’s house today so I had to leave slightly earlier than keith. After burying the coals of my bonfire I gathered my stuff, waved goodbye and began the long trek back to keith’s house…What a night. Lesson learnt from the bbq: ALWYAS start the bbq fire 2 hours before. ALWAYS check your stuff, never know whether it’s frozen or not…And at least my campfire made someone happy. I shall not say who or else dominic might give me a beating. WHoops…I didn’t say anything…

5 comments on “Class bbq

  1. Ahmad says:

    "It was for 07v13, 06v13 AND 07v13…"???

  2. Rhoda says:

    OI! i\’m not a clown lorh! lol.

  3. Jillian says:

    OI THOMAS KWOK. what three clowns! we are not clowns okay! AHAHAHA.

  4. Kenny says:

    made me happy too… but then… [sorrowful sigh]

  5. Keith says:

    yep…2 HOURS!! the golden rule.(on a sidenote: try soaking wood/twigs in conc. H2SO4 and HNO3 for an hour then drying them…they\’ll make gd fire wood….plusthey\’ll blind you and burn you naked at the same time, cool huh?)(on a side,side note: clowns?! cool!!!)

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