Blacklisted… …

I think I have tough luck in VJ. Always running into the wrong people at the wrong time… …And there’s always YouWee! on m tail. I got caught again during ironman challenge this week. I was wearing blue shorts to go east caost to swim run cycle etc. because i didn’t have any black shorts left. I had one more but i was saving that for gym. Inductively i knew that if i wear my PE shorts out, it would get wet or dirty therefore I brought another plain shorts to school. Unfortunately it wasn’t black. But hey I wasn’t going to wear it around school was I? So when we were gathering at the grandstand waiting for latecomers to arrive, guess who came along…Then I got another scolding…something about me having discipline problems…something about YouWee! seriously considering to boot me out of national sailing (I wonder how is he going to do that because I’m not a national sailor but he thinking that I am one is quite a morale booster given my experience and fitness level) and other angry stuff. I tried to explain to him but then he forced me to either change or go buy another PE shorts. What the heck? I’m definitely not spending money just because YouWee! wants me to wear PE shorts when I’m not even going to be seen in it 90% of the time. SO I’m going to wear my last pair of PE shorts and if you find the gym seats wet or salty you know who to blame…
I got changed soon and all of us were off to ECP. Today was something like a test. 500m swim in 12min30sec. 42 push ups in 2 minutes. 40 sit ups in 2 minutes. 6 pull ups in unlimited time. 2000m run below 9min30sec. I passed everything except the pushups. I did 38 and from then on my arms were buckling already.So near yet so far… But I owned in the swim, I even had time to look back and check out who’s behind. I’m a man of the sea, watch me own…but still i don’t have the good physique and strength, which the others all have.
Anyway there was a lesson to be learnt from all this although YouWee! ruined my day. Lesson learnt: YouWee! returns to the PE dept around 2pm after his lessons. STAY AWAY!
Geez if I were to write about how I felt that day I think YouWee! can sue me for flaming him online! Discipline problems…i guess it’s all about reader centred approach. He can see what hee (whoops) sees in me but I’m telling you that I don’t have discipline problems, I don’t delibrately break rules, I’m never late for school, I only forgotten to bring my tie once, I always wear the college pin, I don’t disrespect my teachers, and just because you caught me for having "long hair" twice and me wearing blue shorts once you say I have discipline problems??? Fine…I would like to see how you kick me out of national sailing… …
To end off on a lighter note…Gi-fish asked us this question after the lesson on thursday: How much is one kg of carrots?
I don’t have a heck of a clue but my answer to him was one kg…So I ask you people who have a clean state of mind unlike me on thursday, How much is one kilogram of carrots?

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