List of events that happened within the past 3 days

1. I learnt the true art of being a 420 crew…funny that i only realise it now since my com was over long long time ago…It’s all about trust and communication with the helm. Sailing with Kyne is an interesting experience. And while on the 420 I learnt that:
A gust can either be a lifter or a header. A lifter allows you to point higher while a header will force you to bear away. Lifters and headers can be reversed on a different tack.
2. A byte is like a laser. Only smaller (duh)…but handling a laser is much like a byte. After sailing Bird’s laser…handling a byte is…how to say…easier!
3. The traveller on the byte works wonders…
4. Always tighten the vang and other control lines for MAXIMUM efficiency. Tightening the vang on a 420 could mean whether i could trapeze or not.
Went to buy new year goodies with me parents on sunday night and here are some of the wacky stuff that happened.
1. You know what is Kueh Boulu? I can’t spell it but it’s the orange puffs that taste like dew from the heavens…Anyway my dad as usual was hunting around for the best Kueh Boulu in Singapore, JB and some say batam but thankfully he was limited by the walls of Bedok NTUC. So my dad went off to hunt for the cheapest and the best kueh boulu while my mom and my grandmother went looking for sweets. And I…the only son or child that was present at Bedok NTUC was given the immense task of being the guardian of the shopping basket which was filled with stuff and thus needed protection from evil outsiders. This made me wonder…why is it kids that get this kind of work. Therefore i came up with a list of stuff you can make your kid, preferably son, do:
– Wait in the car so you don’t have to tear a parking coupon
– Jagar (guard) your shopping trolleys while you go somewhere else
– Fill up NTUC lucky draw coupons while you do sth else in order to stay within the one hour parking time
– stand in a queue while you rush off to get something you’ve forgotten to take.
Geez, so many uses for just one kid. I want one too…lol. And his name shall be Aquila hahaha…
Alright so while I was waiting around i picked up a "can" of kueh boulu (u know that kind of transparent plastic container with the red lid). As my policy goes…always check the price tag before looking at the product. I looked at the cap and it read $65. I almost went bonkers…$65 for a 300g can of kueh boulu???!!! (&^%(&(*^$>@>??@*&#^!*&!…. ….i picked up a second can and it read $6.50 what a relief. Stupid typo…
My eyes are going to drop…I’m nodding off…need…to……sleep…
>>>To be continued

2 comments on “List of events that happened within the past 3 days

  1. Kenny says:

    $6.5 still too ex. Its mainly air u noe?

  2. Unknown says:

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