A scary incident…

Alright…this course of events was supposed to happen yesterday but due to Functions 3 homework…i couldn’t get it posted in time anyway here it is…I have written in a story format so as not to offend anyone. *coughs really loudly. Actually more like not wanting to be in You Wee!’s baddest of the baddest books. (take note: books = plural. That guy probably has an entire library…) SO here goes…
Bits of info you might need. I hate cutting hair and I just recovered from a cold which I almost died from.
Puny the lionfish was swimming to his lessons called the electives and to meet his teacher G-fish. Seeing Puny in a different outfit from the rest, he questioned Puny. Puny replied that he had just recovered from a cold the other day and didn’t want to stretch himself too much YET. Apparently G-fish never falls ill and he later took out a branding iron and branded the name "sick chicken" on his forehead. Very much embarrassed, Puny decided to keep quiet and endure the branding process knowing very well that if he were to go for the exercise he would very much become sick again…
However, G-fish did not let Puny off. Seeing that Puny’s barbs were quite long, he asked him why didn’t he reduce his water resistance the other week when he asked Puny to do so. Puny’s reply was that he was too busy. Apparently G-fish was a very free man and he didn’t take busy for an answer. Not long after, toadfish the enforcer walked by. Seeing that puny’s barbs were long he gave another ranting…
ARGH I can’t take it anymore!!! What’s wrong with having longER hair…Not long hair but just longer hair!!! You Wee! has some serious hair issues man…Now I purposely cut ultra short…Won’t be a long time before I see him again…

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