Sail away with a sore calf and a laser radial

My calf still hurts and I still can’t stand straight. Wasn’t planning to sail today anyway. Bad calf = no hiking out = no point sailing. So I was on the motorboat zooming around watching and learning how people sail. Hey you can learn stuff although you’re not on the boat. Then not long later, Mr Yong put me onto Cynthia’s byte and requested me to sail back to shore because she was having some difficulties. Once I got on (Which I really didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to get wet, I wanted to stay on the motorboat and watch how the pros sail and I want the wind in my face whcih u can’t really get on a byte.) I got stuck in irons and I couldn’t get out. Maybe it was due to the extra weight the boat was carrying, we ended up being towed back to shore…And thus ended my motorboat ride. I didn’t know nicole was returning back to shore too so we helped her recover the boat. Nicole and Cynthia went back to eat while I went to the breakwater and watched how the Optis sail. If you’re wondering why a byte/420 sailor would be watching Optimist sailors…it’s simply because if you were to throw them onto a byte…they’d probably be sailing better than me! So watch and learn…humility is of the essence. SO i just stood there and dried myself while watching. Wind was very gusty and some of the instructors were towing the little optis back to shore. At the end of everything, I didn’t learn much except honing my ability to tell where the wind was coming from. Watching Optis are useless. The boats are so different. An Opti is basically a fibreglass box with a daggerboard, a rudder and a sail with three LARGE buoyancy tanks inside the boat. Sheesh. Moral of the story: Don’t watse time watching Optis unless you’re a optisailor too. Well I WAS an Opti sailor nong nong time ago…
Alright, here comes the interesting part. All the IPs were already on the shore and dry. We were having our lunch and playing cards after that. Nicole and Cynthia decided to go get bananas (the huge ones) for 80 cents a piece. I almost coughed blood. Uncle Ray is a scammer. Anyway while playing taiti they seriously went bananas. I think it was the bananas giving them a sugar high or something. Evidence:I didn’t eat a banana and I’m perfectly sane, while the two of them ate a banana each and are completely nuts. And I think the fact that they didn’t win a single round of taiti aggravated the situation lol (I’m the Taiti King remember?) I shall recall some part of the convo…
Me,"You’re nuts.
Nicole and Cynthia,"No…we’re going Bananas!"
Lol anyway here’s a list of stuff they did with the banana(s)
1. They did a "gong xi fa cai" banana with the skin. Nicole has a photo of it so go ask her if you want to know how a banana can do a gong xi fa cai pose.
2. They made a laser pico out of the skin and straws. I still think it looks like shi* but when you’re high, anything can look like anything else.
3. They made the banana shi*. SHI*! As in verb, they made the banana shit. I can’t find a proper way to explain it…
4. They had two bananas so they were singing Bananas in pyjamas song throughout. Lol, B1 and B2
5. I can’t think of anymore but I’m damn sure they did other stuff that drove me up the wall.
After all the fun and games it was time to back back onto the boat. I was very pleased that I was going back onto the motorboat but rather sad because almost everyone left and there was nothing to watch.
>>>To be continued

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