Stepping down…

ALright, before going into the main topic there are a few events worth recording down that happened during the past week.
1. Our class CS team got pwned by 06v12 13-2. It was a new experience since i only played CS on Xbox and gameplay is much slower. SOme gamer i am. SHAME! I even brought my wolfclaw! SHAME X2!
2. I found my favourite toy in class. Blu-Tack!!! I made it into a few figures whcih i consider very lousy because of the lack of blu-tack. HOWEVER, it seems like no one has ever seen a blu-tack helicopter, T-rex, blu-tack men, dragon etc… Everyone was swarming around my little blu-tack men which i entitled A tribute to teamwork. Basically it was a bunch of blu-tack men with a meaning. Photos of it can be found on Kenny’s blog: very nice picture taken with a N80. All 3.2 megapixels of it.
3. Lessons are getting more and more boring and I feel myself being more and more slack…
4. 4 Juniors wanted to join Sailing!!! Woots!
Alright, now back to the main issue. I was having a MSN chat with Nicholas around this time and we have to talk about our positions in the class comm. The BBQ would be our last appearance in the class comm. After that, I shall fade into the background and cheer the new class comm. through a transparent sound-proof wall. Use your creativity to find out what that means. It’s back to small fry again for me…
It has been a tiring journey being the treasurer and secretary (TAS). All the money and accounts, mishandling of money cost me over 30 bucks. But that’s what happens right? WIth power comes responsibility. Actually i have not much responsibility because I have no power…Tracking my progress from the start of last year till now, I’ve been through quite alot being the TAS. I think I managed to get the class painted white and… …hey wait. That’s it! I only managed to get the class painted! MAN, I suck! Basket…
SO now I have decided to quit this tiring job, looking back, there has also been alot of fun times too. Chasing people for money. Counting change etc. If you’d ask me if I still have the passion to be the TAS, I would answer yes. But it’s too hard for me, I can’t do it anymore. Haiz…resigning from a job that you really really like is not an easy thing. But I have made up my mind. I’m not going to be the TAS this year. I’ll go for leadership position in Sailing instead…
ANd if anyone knows how to cure a sore calf (not a baby cow but my leg hurts like hell) please let me know. I can’t stand straight now…

2 comments on “Stepping down…

  1. Ahmad says:

    hey dude. you did good.

  2. Keith says:

    ahmad\’s right, you did well. lolbtw, you give it cugh syrup…(your refering to that calf right?)

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