Child abuse!!!

ALright…another lag entry. Lemme change the date.
27th January Saturday
Sailing training today. On the Byte again. A small speedy boat but extremely unsteady. It’s my second time sailing on my baby and I resolve to "tame the beast". Nasty boat gave me a hard time the other week. Capsizing countless times and sucking the energy right out of me trying to upright her. Anyway B17 is too boring a name for a beauty like her. So I shall give her a name: ShadowJayde. Haha, like owner like boat. Shadow Camper and ShadowJayde. Haha. I’m a madman who names his boats. Too bad I can’t christen it with a galss bottle, or else Mr Yong will take a METAL one and clobber me to death.
Alright, today sailing figure of 8 around 2 marks, both on reach. I wanted to try something more exciting like going upwind but i shall leave it till next time when I get better. Had a bit of a tough time rigging up my baby. Considering that it’s only my third time rigging up a byte. Actually I think I’m not that bad already when it comes to rigging up a byte. Just that I revered the outhaul and other minor mistakes…Heh heh. We got bungs today. Last week nicole and I had to use TAPE to seal the hole. Or else water will start leaking into the hull of the boat and it’ll be quite tough to get the water out. NSC water = water with lots of oil scum and litter. Frightening thought of all that rubbish spewing into my precious. So we got bungs to seal the hole PROPERLY. I was very pleased. I also bought a burgee, the wrap around kind. That stupid thing cost me $20!!! Some plastic pieces and a screw cost me TWENTY BUCKS??? Haiz, no choice. Can’t get it cheaper anywhere else. Then when I got back to ShadowJayde, i realised that there’s no screwdriver to fix the burgee on to the handle! ARGH! This means that I can’t use it this week. Shucks.
Now that we’ve launched, the accidents started to begin…The sky was threatening but NO FEAR! The Shadows have nothing to lose (me and my Byte). I shall recall all the calamaties and blunders that happened to me.
Number 1:
I got hit by a 420 on the starboard side. I got hit by a 420!!! That thing is like 1 and 1/4 times bigger than my Byte and about 1 1/2 wider??? Not to mention much heavier and deadly too. The 420’s bow struck ShadowJayde’s starboard side and as a result…I got thrown off the boat and into the water with my boat following suit. After righting the boat I found a dent on ShadowJayde’s starboard side. SHIT, I’m screwed…I was still in a daze to figure out why Andrea (the 420 crew) didn’t see me. I was on a reach so I didn’t see them but they were approaching me head-on. SHeesh! I recalled Zhaoey saying, "My God! 3 pairs of eyes and we’re all blind." How true. Thankfully the dent popped itself out and there were no cracks or holes. She’s a tough one I say…
Number 2:
I got hit by Kai Xin on a Laser which is, again, bigger than my Byte. This time when I say "I got hit" it doesn’t mean my boat got hit but seriously I got hit, in person. On the left hip. We were on collision course and I wanted to bear away but my stubborn boat refused to listen therefore I got bumped on the hip. Thankfully I didn’t fall off or something.
Number 3:
My tiller extension broke. I don’t know how it happened but it happened anyway. First capsize: Tiller ext bent around 45 degrees. Second capsize: the bent part fell off. I was stunned. Stuck in the open sea when it’s raining, strong current and with a broken tiller extension isn’t a good thing. But nonetheless I managed to head back to shore very slowly. I don’t want to capsize and impale myself with the broken tiller extension which was quite sharp since it broke. I was back to shore early so i sat down on a concrete bench flicking away all the scum on my legs and doing a little reflection.
Number 4:
All the bumps and cuts experienced while sailing…
I feel very abused…poor ShadowJayde also took quite a beating. Oh btw, I kinda managed to "tame the beast". She was much more obedient than last time.

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