My legacy that I would want to leave behind…

Ms Low asked us what legacy would each of us leave behind today. And it stumped me…Why should I leave a legacy? If i’m gone, i’m gone. People might be sad, some might rejoice. Even if i do leave some piece of myself behind…why should anyone bother to remember it? Alright, assuming that everyone leaves behind a legacy which they probably do…what legacy would i leave behind?
Since long long time ago…everyone used to say that i’m a cheerful kid full of energy and excitement. Now that I’m in the IP, all that cheerfullness, energy and excitement has all gone. What’s the point? I’ve tried and failed. It always happens like that. When you think you’re good in something there’s always somebody to step over you. Even if you think you’re an all rounder or a jack-of-all-trades, there’ll always be somebody rounder and a jack-of-MORE-trades. Fine, we don’t have to excel in everything that we do or beat others who are better at what we do best. So we can stay at the bottom of the social ladder and be content? Nooo…In the IP, you’re exposed to the REAL world. Exposed to people who can probably squish you with their fingernail and others who are simply better at everything you do. I had a dream once…I wanted to join the DSO, get a defence science scholarship and get a few patents. Now it seems that there’s no more defence science scholarships left for me and all the ideas that I had were already existent. Maybe I’m wrong to despair. But I’m not. I’m doing a reality check. Hope to succeed but always always prepare to fail. You’ll probably fail more times than you succeed. Now, I don’t believe in optimism. It never works. Optimism drives you up a wall thinking: YES! I can do it! Just let me try! I CAN do it!" Whatever for? Some can jump up the wall, parkour over it. Know your limitations. Go AROUND it, no point banging at it just for the sake of optimism. It’s too ideal to be true.
So what kind of legacy do i want to leave? I want to be known as the Camper. A practical, down to earth jack-of-all-trades. Of course not without the lameness. Just camp, watch how others do it then make a move. Look what the situation is like before making a decision. Silence is golden. Reality is too cruel, learn to live with it. It smacks you on the head and before you can get up it hits you again and again and again. So what for get up? I’d probably move faster crawling than those clowns trying to get up and falling over. The ones who are standing are the ones who have no heads for life to take aim at…
Camper legacy…

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