Lame shitz day…

List of things that I did today:
1. Write a letter to my mortal, guess what…I wrote part of it in rune! Hahahaha! Poor dude has to go and decipher it himself…
2. Played volleyball during PE. As usual I was camping again…hardly touched the ball. Zhai Juan, Donovan and Cui Yue were playing, fortunately CK couldn’t play, if not they could start playing 2-a-side volleyball liao…
3.Took my weight and it turned out to be a whopping 63 kilos…I was stunned. Seriously hope the weight is muscle weight, not fat weight. Anyway I am officially above 180 cm. I’m 181!!! Woots! Congrats to myself! Oleh!
4. Went to fence Nicholas again…with the wooden swords that I brought back from Japan for cultural night. Couldn’t bear to leave it there so I brought it back. Now it’s put to good use…I taught myself a new move today. I was so pleased with myself…maybe I’m praising myself too much but hey…I’m from Sailing not Fencing…
5. Had a ridiculous conversation with Christine
Xtine: Where are you guys going?
Me: To Beyond!
Xtine: *stunned
6. Went to beyond childcare to do some sai kang…Seems to be that I was the only one around who knew how to use a laminator. Haha, the other group had to read with the children while my group had to do "teaching aids"…SO we did the usual cutting, colouring and laminating…Interesting thing was that after we finished laminating the crossword puzzles with the children’s names on them…we found out that there are a few poor kids with their names MISSING from the crossword puzzle!!! Like this guy called Solehein(at least I think it’s spelt like this) was left out. There wasn’t even an ‘O’ in the crossword! How to find sOlehein??? Lollerskates…
Anyway now it’s time for the more philosophical part…
I’ve always been very interested in social science. My current interest is now about sociable people and anti-sociable people. It’s a very interesting study. IPs already display some very intriguing personalities…
Type A: The truly sociable character. Very friendly and mixes very well with people without any problems
Type B: Also very sociable but has a few dark sides like a short temper, aggressive etc. Nonetheless, friendly and likeable
Type C: Sociable but only to certain groups of people…they are despised and hated by the others
Type D: Fallen socialites. Used to be liked by everyone but when something happens or a secret is revealed…yeah u get the idea…
Now…for the anti-socials…
Type 1. The ultimate anti social, does not have friends at all.
>>>To be continued

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