A really interesting day at school…

How interesting…during physics lesson today, ol’ Boyo was teaching us, and will be for the rest for the year. But he made us think alot. About physics. I like the one which he said that physics is all about probability. Just like what I was thinking! If you jump on the floor, what are the odds that you will fall through it? Very low but you cannot erase the probability. How interesting…I have foresight…
And here’s an interesting thought. If objects prefer to be in constant velocity or stationary…which means that an object will not move unless external forces act on it. BUT…if you could reverse this, and make objects prefer to accelerate…bingo. You get energy. Free energy! At no cost! Turbines would move on their own! Imagine a bullet which will accelerate on it’s own, coupled together with the energy supplied from the exploding gas within the gun…you can make rail guns man…firing bullets faster than the speed of sound or even a rubber band lol. But of course not everything should tend to accelerate.
Okay just an interesting thought for the day.
And I believe that we live in a damn sad world. Feeling happy is the negative of sad. And we are always sad when made happy. Not happy till made sad.

2 comments on “A really interesting day at school…

  1. Keith says:

    speaking of projectiles faster than the speed of sound…current rail guns can fire a 2kg projectile at 3000+m/s. Thats mach 10.lTake that gun a load it onto a nuclear-powered vessel, the power!!!!BWAHAHAHAHA 

  2. Kenny says:

    where\’s the powerpoint keith?

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