NACLI prison break

NACLI was a complete nightmare…and a total rip off. Actually couldn’t really blame them…who knew that they would be situated smack in the middle of a forest so that the facility recieves ample amounts of rainfall and off course non-human visitors from the forest…Anyway, we all tried to make the best out of it so we turned the whole thing into a gambling den. Without the money of course…budden it wouldn’t be called a gambling den wouldn’t it? Hm…fine, we were always playing cards. Without the cards…there wouldn’t be much left of us…thank goodness for the cards…
First day…
We were given a lecture on service learning…All that I took home was that service and learning must be equal. You can’t serve more than what you will learn and vice versa. I wonder why not. Later on in the day we went down to the centre at Bukit Merah. I tell you the kids are adorable but bloddy hell hard to handle. The centre was called Beyond social services. Went to check around the place and interacted with the kids. The kids are quite smart actually, but have extremely short attention spans. It was damn hard to get them to do anything, let alone READ to them… This is going to be abit challenging…Wonder whether you can evangelise to them…Heh Heh, their parents will probably slaughter me if they find out.
"I want you to draw a BIG BIG fish."
"Alright, I’ll draw you a big fish."
*Finishes drawing a big fish
*Kid is nowhere to be seen
Cunning fella…
So I will use THE modern approach…It’s called IT. Bloddy hell, the place has computers and LCD TVs…Like wtf? That’s better than my own TV!
Alright…so the next day was about to get worse…Everyone was split into Courses A and B. So we had a smaller group and could "learn better". I’m not going to record what they taught because everything that they said is already in my head. I have learnt everything and am practising them now, setting goals…team building…etc. What rubbish. Didn’t get anywhere exciting…Kenny was stoning around and I was pretending to be excited, at least I tried to make the most of it…The fun parts were AFTER all the rubbish activities…
Fun parts…
Ok, this is not so fun but it’s interestingly irritating.
*David enters my room
"Hey check your bed and pillows for bed bugs."
*everyone shows the WTF face
"My bed and pillow got alot"
*I check pillow
*And it was bed bug positive…I flung it to the otherside of the room where nobody walked to and I used my inflatable pillow instead. Thank goodness I have excellent foresight (To bring the pillow, not expect the bed bugs)
*Feels cold in the middle of the night, roughly 3 am
*Realises that the air-con was set to 16 degrees and nobody changed it
*Didn’t bother to change the temperature. Wraps blanket around self and tries to sleep
*Hears a funny noise 5 minutes later…sudden realisation that somebody is playing Jay Chou music and it’s Joel
*Tries to sleep again but cannot
*Tosses and turns but unable to fall asleep again
ARGH!!!! Darn you Joel. Ar….
Context: I just moved into Sheng Chow, En Wei and Kenny’s room to bunk for the night. We were all laughing and joking lying oon our beds in complete darkness. The mood was very high…
"OK…enough enough, we should go to sleep/
"Ok, I’m saying goodnight for the last time. Good night"
*Awkward silence…
Sheng Chow," I love my balls."
WTFOMFGBBQ….That was the ultimate random shit statement that was ever made…We all started laughing again for probably 15 minutes or so before knocking out. Thank goodness Cephas’ bed doesn’t have bed bugs…
There’s another traumatising incident regarding vtsxu jptdr but I’d rather not disclose it. Rather scandalous if you’d ask me. But either way it was traumatising for me…i got the shock of my life.
So that was all at NACLI…
And when I got home…my com broke down and today I lost my phone charger, i brought it to the camp but I clearly remember packing it in…dunno what happened to it…

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