Before NACLI camp

zzZZ…NACLI camp is going to be a bore…Service learning at NACLI…so much for the word "camp" that got me all excited. Then Ah Boy has to give us a briefing and throw a wet towel at me…service learning is totally different from a proper camp. Unless you teach other’s how to camp haha. So I’m going into NACLI bored and xianded. Nothing but lectures and "leadership training". Honestly I tell you that none of them ever work, except for the one that i went to at yfc. That one was the best, i’ll never forget what i learnt. But NACLI??? ALright, maybe there’ll be some games where teamwork and leadership is required…but the whole thing feels like a deflated balloon to me. Seriously. If you want to train leadership and teamwork, why not dump us in some uninhabited island with nothing but a knife, flint, a bag of uncooked rice, bait, fishing hook and line, a map and a compass. Survive for 3 days. Sounds like fun? DEFINITELY!!! WHat a way to spend the day hunting for food and learning to throw the knife. Cool…but for now, NACLI isn’t going to do that…pity.

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