The largest money making scheme ever

I can still remember the financial literacy course in IP1, John Cheah’s gp won the praxis game with a large lead over the second winner.
"How do we make money?"
"We sit down and make money!!!"
That was their motto
Coming to the point, I need to find a way to raise three grand quick…The IP2 indieventure trip is in the first week of june and they’re going to whisk us off to some ang moh country. Average cost after the $650 subsidy? 3 grand…I almost fainted…Sell my house liao. So…going along the line of "sit down and make money"…I thought of the ultimate money making scheme that doesn’t require you to move around…just SIT DOWN AND MAKE MONEY!!!
Scheme 1
Xbox/PS/console gaming competition. Well, since some of us already have consoles, why not use them? We can always go arrange with the teachers to allow us to use some of the classrooms as gaming rooms. We don’t have to sign up for Xbox live, just use the cheapo split screen method. Round robin style. Charge everyone $5 to enter the tournament and offer a $100 prize for the winner. Remember we play different games for each console, Xbox alone has a few worthy games to play, that means quite a few tournaments and one person can take part in more than one tournament. And each game can be played differently. For Halo 2, you can sign up as an individual or a team. Shiok right?
Scheme 2
I call this one: Reliving the old days…
Remember when we were kids there will always be different fads. For example, yo-yo, beyblade, tamiya cars? Hahaha, why not re-live the old days? We still have them right? Beyblade competition, tamiya car racing? Isn’t that cool? But of course we need a tamiya car track and a bey stadium. No problem, ask any hobby shop and there you have it.  Of course you gotta charge people to enter the competition. PS. My ultra-modded Dranzer-S will pwn the rest…I got spark disk hahaha…
Scheme 3
Tired of VJ food? Why not let us order for you? You order, we deliver 3 days later…heh heh. This is totally unlike subway. We offer food and beverages from any restaurant, you name it. Of course there will be that small little surcharge…heh heh heh. Starbucks, KFC you name it…
Scheme 4
Abit unorthodox but hey this is bound to work…We rent handphone chargers…what are the odds of having your phone running out of juice without you knowing? VERY HIGH…assuming you don’t have a charger with you. But who carries a charger with them? So uncool, not "hip"…so we do it for you. heh heh. a dollar for a full charge? Hey electricity is free, we’re just renting the charger…
Alright, so here are my money making schemes. I’m going to need business partners so anyone who wants to jump onto the band wagon is welcome. BUT you must make an active contribution or you won’t get your full share…Gamers will be the preferred business partners. If schemes are successful, we might be able to extend it to the public! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

One comment on “The largest money making scheme ever

  1. Kenny says:

    Wahlao…the handphone one specially to cheat me $$$ or what? u noe very well how fast my hp run out of juice…
    btw, MY ultra modded lowered ride height dranzer M will destroy ur base bit by bit…and my beat magnum trf with a full set of spring rollers will pwn the competition…

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