It’s time to…..RUMBLE!!!

Helmsman week is next week and there’s a camp! Not a real camp-camp but it’s still a camp! Overnight and we’re staying at some wierdzor chalet at some nacli leadership thing. Best of all, it’s next to a forest. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! That’s it, campers it’s time to arm yourselves. Everyone strap a kinfe to your belts and hang a compass round your neck. We’re goin’ CAMPIN’ ! WOOHOO! Then there’s this cooking thing that I believe is going to be hilarious considering the people that’s going to be there. Their cooking skills are miles apart…and I’m gonna have a good time laughing. And there’s this miserable GSE aka Group Smulation Exercise. It’s a stupid program where they throw you into a group with people you absolutely don’t know and give you a problem to solve within an hour. Bad thing is…you have to present your solution and there will be 3 teachers shaking their legs watching the bunch of you. WOrst of all, is that there’s going to be a video cam taping the whole bloody thing. I’m going to sit with my back facing that bunch of lens and hey presto, it can’t see me. Muahaha.
Anyway for CT session, Ms Loh showed us a picture of a woodland deer and 4 trees that have branches so twisted and so obscure that if someone doesn’t tell you that they also look like a deer, you won’t see it. Morale of the story:Be open to possibilities. Yea, I’m open, open to the fact that there’s also a possibility that there are no possibilities.
There were 2 operations carried out today. Operation S and Operation E
Operation S 1.0
Mission type: Search and Recover
Armnaments: None
Threat level: Negligible
Mission Brief: Intel reports that the now IP3s from former class 06v13 are vacating room T23. We have important goods that we need to be moved to T33. The goods that you will be carrying will be 2 sofas. A three seater and a two seater. Both sofas will have to be returned to T33 in good condition. In the event that you face resistance from the current T23 inhabitants, you have been given authority from personnel Cristine, goods must be transported out within 20 minutes.  Command will be dispatching an experienced Spec-Ops soldier to assist you in this mission. Use him wisely. Good luck stike team Zulu. Remember, do not harm the occupants, they must be kept alive and unharmed.
Mission Specs: All strike force members are to gather at Nav point Alpha at 0710 hours. Zulu one will enter and alert occupants. Once occupants have vacated the sofa, Zulu two and three will enter and assist Zulu one to carry the sofa out through the back door. Zulu four will open the back door. Spec-Ops leader will scout ahead and make sure escape route is secure. Zulu four will escort Zulu one two and three and rendevous with Spec-Ops leader at T33.
Zulu one reports mission success. All inhabitants and Spec-Ops leader is unharmed.
Operation S 2.0
Mission type: Search and Recover
Armnaments: None
Threat level: Negligible
Mission Brief: Intel reports that inhabitants have left T23 for orientation. T23 is therefore empty. You will now transport the 3 seater sofa from T33. Mission Specs are similiar to Operation S 2.0. Strike with stealth, SPec-Ops leader will also be assisting you in this mission.
Zulu one reports mission success.
Operation E
Mission type: Escape!
Armnaments: School bags
Threat level: Low
Mission Brief: Intel reports that the security guard does not allow victorians out of compound before 1240 hours. Personnel Priscilla and Jillian have been repelled by the Security guard. Strike team Zulu is in desperate need to leave the compound for classified reasons. All other exits from the compound is deemed unsuitable for use. Leaving the main gate the only way out. Security guard remains as the highest threat to mission success. Reccomend sending for back up. Dispatching Agent Loh to eradicate main threat
Mission Brief: Classified
Zulu one reports mission success.

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