Back to schoolzzz…ZZZ

Noooooo! The holidays are over! In another 9 hours I will have to get up and get ready to go to school. Haiz…another year of torment. Why can’t things be like the matrix?
"Operator. I need all I need to know about physics to clear the exams."
"Yessir, uploading information now."
*Eyelids flutter
"Got it."
But of course I would have to insert a needle which length is larger than the diameter of my neck into the back of my neck. And the knowledge is only available in the matrix…Sad…so sad.
Anyway have to be optimistic hey? So I’ll walk into class smiling and wishing everyone a happy new year. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Actually there is…a 50/50 probability that it will happen. I have to learn probability soon. AN interesting concept that will never work. Your percentage can be soooo low but there’s always a chance that it’ll happen. Unless you can eradicate the chance, there’s no point doing probability. Just like winning the lottery, the odds are so low but someone always wins…
I don’t want to go to school, but I must. I cannot let my mind degenerate into some brainless creature that suptters nonsense. I’m packing my bag now…clearing all the papers in my file and I just realised how much I didn’t go through during my revision last year…anyway stack ’em up and shelve ’em. Easiest way. This year…after the EOYs, I’m going to burn all the paper that I have amassed during my 2 years in VJ and create so much smoke that people in Australia will think that east coast is on fire. That’s a new year resolution…talking about new year resolutions I better make them now.
1. Burn all worksheets after exams
2. Learn how to throw knives from Wilbur
3. Learn to study smart
4. Finish reading the New Testament and the books of Moses
5. Finish the campaign on Halo 3
6. Share the gospel to at least 5 people
7. Give up being a leader
8. Sleep less
9. Play more…whoops study/work harder
10. Grow closer to God
11. Buy Xbox 360 to accomplish resolution 5
12.Get more RAM for my PC
13. Finish top 20 for Inter schools sailing
14. Do 10 chin ups
Optional resolutions
1. Upgrade my bloddy samsung phone.
2. Get better results
3. Train for WCG: Halo 2
4. Go for an "outing" with Jason at least once
5. Get a 6-pec
Things that I resolve not to do, absolutely cannot do and must not be done or else certain doom will face me
1. be in the class comm.
2. go back to Changkat Primary
3. whack Jun Han
4. kick Mr Hwee’s balls
5. climb into the tree house via the bridge
6. lose to Cui Yue during cross-country
7. join any sports day event
8. do anything stupid
9. define stupid
Alright so there, all my new year resolutions for 2007. Happy new year and I still don’t wish to go to school…

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