Happy… …new…ye.a…r…

It’s 11:10 am now and I’m pretty much in a daze…Blame my church’s watchnight service for all my fatigue. But I guess it was worthwhile. Dedicating the new year to God is something that is better than some rubbish countdown party. Anyway I woke up to the new year with a very bad start. I wonder what a really bad stomach ache in the 4th hour of 1st Jan means. Probably death in 4 years time I think. I’m just sputtering nonsense. Anyway I hope this new year will be better but it never happens because I have been hoping the same thing thousands of years back. Since it never gets better than I should be thankful since last year would be better than this one.
So there are some people I would want to thank…*play star awards music
To sum it all up…I want to thank EVERYBODY! Those whom I like dislike everyone…for playing a part in my life. Making it the way it is now. SO I thank everyone for being themselves…
SO now to start the new year with a bang

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