I just thought of something very interesting…A product of my idle mind which isn’t idle because I’m constantly using my grey matter…
So here it is…Physical laws, they bind everything and everyone to them. We cant fly because of gravity and we can’t run faster than the speed of sound because our muscles don’t allow us to. All because of physical laws. Cause and effect. I punch you and you will feel pain. And it will always be such. You are constrained to this physical law that you must feel pain. But only when I hit you. Cause and effect. Now…where do these physical laws come from? They couldn’t have just "popped" into existence. v=u+at was not present at the beginning of the universe. OUr universe has a beginning. These physical laws couldn’t have come before the universe. They are not the alpha and the omega so where do they come from?
Alright, so our universe is created with these physical laws. It’s together in the package. God made these physical laws for what? Why feel pain when struck? Why do we not feel hot or cold? Because of this physical law! But why so? WHy in this way? What is the PURPOSE for doing so? Are we not God’s creation? What about the ones before us? Are there any before us? If there are, are they constrained by the same physical laws God set for us? Alright…putting all that aside, the next question is: Is God himself constrained by these physical laws?
But he can’t right? He made these laws and now they’re controlling him? Sounds impossible right? But wait. When he first created the earth, it was perfect but when Adam and eve sinned, it was tarnished and they had to be kicked out of the garden of Eden and they were no longer eternals(live forever). Sin is defined as not conforming to God’s laws and decrees. And as everyone knows Sin brings death hence Adam and Eve would die at a certain age. STOP! Look here, we have a cause and effect. Sin leads to death. Is this a physical law? Why MUST sin lead to death? Because our righteous God cannot live with the sinful. Why not? Is it because God is limited to a physical law that does not allow him to live with the unholy? Or is it because he doesn’t want to, or commonly known as his soveirgn choice?
However, we do know that God is able to control or somewhat "modify" these physical laws. In the past we know that high priests who enter the holy of holies without being properly cleansed, will die immediately when being in contact with God. However, when God revealed himself to Saul, the would-be Paul, he did not die but however, he went blind and had to seek the prophet Annanias(I don’t know if his name is spelt correctly so my apologies if it is) to cure him, however, the prophet could only do so through the Lord’s power, which means God can undo what he had done. So when it seems that the physical law, all who come in physical contact with God will surely face certain "injuries", can be undone. But how do you undo a physical law. It is fixed and will never change. If I am hurt by a knife, another cut will not heal it. Which means that God is not controlled by this supposed physical law but is instead his soveirgn choice.
A wierd thought that deserves further thinking, any enlightment of comment is greatly appreciated

One comment on “WIeRDzoRR…

  1. Rhoda says:

    hmm.. i don\’t think God is controlled by anything cos if He is controlled then He can\’t be God right? He is after all the Alpha and Omega and His will dictates whatever happens to us whether we die in our sleep or whatever. about the physical laws, maybe He put them in place so as to maintain some order on earth? after all, with satan constantly on the rampage, we as humans require some semblence of order and apart from leaning wholly on His name, there are those physical laws to help us understand our surroundings. but of course i may be wrong larh. hee.(:

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