Destiny awaits…I just got Mr Boyo’s email and I know who’s my T42 mentor…(I am compelled to vall him Boyo because in VS there’s Boko, so for old times sake…haha) And it’s my UNCLE!!! I am suddenly forced to think myself as jackie chan and uncle as…uncle.
Uncle: AIYAAAAAAAAH! You are late again!
Jackie: Sorry uncle, I had to finish my work before I can come
Uncle: No matter, what have we today?
Jackie: Erm…nothing really. I don’t see why I have to be here…
Uncle: But you must! I must teach you important life skills.
Jackie: Like what, uncle?
Uncle: Uncle will teach you secret art of chasing away demons…
Jeckie: Really? You will teach me your secret arts?
Uncle: Of course! Now you must learn to mutter these ancient charms: Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao
Jackie: Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao?
Uncle: Very good! Next you must learn to do maths right! *smacks Jackie on the head
Jackie: Ouch! … …
What a thought.

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