vjomrdr jpzreptl

WHY AM I DOING THIS??? Everytime a task has to be done a question must first be asked. What for? I don’t see the point in doing this. Damn you vjomrdr jpzreptl! I condemn you, vjomrdr jpzreptl to eternal darkness! And I also condemn you, vjomrdr qtpkrvy to join your dark brother in hell! You evil twins have tortured me before but now the tide has turned against your favour…In the next year, I will draw my strength and unleash my powers against you and you will have no other choice but to flee into the abyss of doom…where of course doom awaits you with paper shredders and flames that never quench…you shall writher in the flames of hell and paper shredders of…of…SHREDDER…(he’s the bad guy in teenage mutant ninja turtles) Muahahahaha!
But first I must endure your torture till I am fully ready to strike at you… Cursed twins, prepare to face my wrath when the time is right!
Hm…I invented my own code! Woots! Now only the sick in the head will try to decipher what I have written. Yipee! Freedom! Freedom from the free who claim to be free but are not but are in actual fact free to do what they want because they are supposedly free! Haha, now that is a code in itself.

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