Korean Frenzy

I’m back from tiring Korea…Woot! Nothing like good ol’ Singapore. I can’t stand Korean food much longer…ANyway here are the chronicles of my 8 day trip to Korea. (Actually if you add up the hours it was only 7 days. It was a bluff)
So, nothing much to report, other than the fantastic SKI experience. WootZOR…I have never skied in me life and this is me first time. Bloody hell the ski boots are friggin heavy and when you wear them you look like terran marines (if you play starcraft) and make you walk around like peons and peasants (if you play warcraft). And when you wear the skis…the weight on your feet is tremendous. Skiing downslope is downright fun (mind the pun) but going upslope to go downslope is exhausting…10 minutes to get up for 10 seconds of wind in your face. And we can’t take the chairlift up because we’re not pro enough. But over-all it was fantastic and a good experience. I can ski now. Woots next time I won’t be braking by falling and tumbling all over the place. (My Dad did a flip when he fell) (Lollerskates)
I thing I have to comment is about Korean food. U know what is "gelat" right? At first you eat like very shiok then u keep eating the same thing…and the same thing…and the same thing…geez, it never stops. I think in Korea all they have is "barbeque", steamboat, noodles and Kimchi. That’s it. All they do is cook it ina different way but it always resembles each other. Talk about family resemblence. And Korea is FLOODED with Kimchi. It’s sour and spicy and it’s a vegetable. Not my taste. And I’ll never forget how some goon actually bought 6 kilos of Kimchi at a kimchi making "showroom" we visited. WHAT THE??? He’s going to die of Kimchi poisoning. Hopefully he gives some away. Other than being flooded with Kimchi, Korea is flooded with SEAWEED!!! Woots! Heavenly food. All kinds. The kind u put in soups, the salted ones and every kind imaginable. Even better is that whenever u go for a meal, there’s seaweed! Korean meals are intriguing. They consist of a main meal which will be your steamboat etc and there will be alot of side dishes which consist of disgusting Kimchi and heavenly seaweed and assorted vegetables and mushrooms. Best of all, these side dishes are FREE FLOW! Which means MORE SEAWEED!!! But of course don’t take too much until you cannot eat. Koreans are very picky when it comes to wasting food.
Talking about picky…guess what their toothpicks are made up of. Koreans are SO environmentally friendly that they want to save the pandas by not making bamboo toothpicks. They make POTATO toothpicks!!! WTH?? They compress the potato starch till it becomes a hard solid toothpick that is slightly soluble in saliva. It’s quite sharp actually. An amazing feat. So technically you CAN kill someone with a potato. A potato toothpick! hahahahahahaha…Talking about their environmental friendliness…you have to pay 50 won for a plastic bag. S$0.08 is enough to put off my parents not getting a plastic bag. Wierd. Singapore should start selling plastic bags instaed of raising GST.
Koreans have a very interesting outlook on theme parks. Not that they made me suddenly enjoy roller coasters which I still hate to the core…but they certainly do the wierdest things. Number one, I feel that the employees at the theme parks are very enthusiastic. Maybe it’s personal motivation or motivation from money or motivation from a previous scolding from the boss. They constantly sing and dance to entertain the crowd. Even the ones chopping your tickets. They smile sing and dance. Very entertaining but I’d rather be a cleaner there than do their job. It’s tiring and after a while it feels very fake. Number two, shucks I forgot what number two was…darn
I think that’s all until I can remember more things to put down.
>>>to be continued
>>> >>>If I want to…
>>> >>> >>>Muahaha
PS. I really saw penguins and polar bears in Korea. I think they came over because the Artic was too cold. They now live in enclosures in a theme park…Hahahahha

One comment on “Korean Frenzy

  1. Keith says:

    wtf..potato picks??? wow…thats cool =obtw kimchi pwns =D

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