Holidays galore

Yawn it’s been a day since I came back from thailand and I’m still so sleepy. I can’t be blamed of course. Blame the wacky sailing team. Anyway it’s been a long holiday for me. I’ll just briefly record the stuff that happened.
27-28th november
I went to volunteer at the Vacation Bible School (VBS) at me church for the kids in our church from K1 to sec 1. I seriously pity the sec 1s and the older students. I personally feel that the camp was not properly planned because they decided to clump people of such wide age groups together. However for the bible classes they were split accordingly but for games…ahem…let’s say they were not "as enthusiastic" about it. So as part of the Youth Federation in me church I went to volunteer as games master marshall whatever…First day was station games and I was assigned to group 2. The best group ever, lol. All my kids were very enthu and cooperative all though because they were enthu they got really high and sometimes they were abit out of control. They were running from station to station, I couldn’t be very much bothered about it because we were going to meet up at the same place again anyway but my sec 1 student who was the pastor’s daughter (WoHo, don’t much around) who had a more…erm…motherly was taking care of them…for me…I feel so useless around kids. But oh well, I can tell their love for me. They were all clinging on to my legs and didn’t let go and stuff. Yep, I was TALL enough and they kindergarten and P1 kids were SHORT enough to do that without much discomfort. I got tau-poked by them but of course you can’t throw them off your back. Very delicate stuff. My sec 1 student was laughing away. Mesa tell yousa, don’t laugha so soona cauze when yousa old enuf to goings intooz day whyeff, day sameh things happendz to yousa. Anyway there was this game which was worth remembering, a face-off with the kids. There were 2 people allowed in the "ring" marked out with masking tape and each has a towel in his/pocket and you have to snatch it away from the other person to win. Cool game. I was playing with some of the brothers before the games started. Quite rough and a hell of a fast game. Speed, agility and wit. So the rule was that I "spar" with the guys in my group and the girls will "spar" with the station master posted there who was of course a girl. I don’t want to be ripping a girl’s skirt off if that would happen. big IF. anyway I played 3 rounds. won 1, lost two. I lost the first one because I gave chance. SERIOUS! They were so little I could’ve just picked them up and pulled the towel away but I can’t do that right? So I let the little dude win. But of course the kids didn’t know I was giving chance and started taunting me. SO things were about to get really ugly…
The wistle was blown the clock ticking. I had 3 minutes to pull the towel away from this litle critter. He had an evil smile on his face. Actually he smiles all the time, just that it looks evil now. He rushed for me and I dodged it easily. I faced him again contemplating his next move. He rushed forward again and I dived to the left with my back on the floor and with his back facing me. The yellow towel was glowing I leapt and snatched it from him. The battle was over, I emerged victorious. WooHoo! Then suddenly the game head came into the room and told us to wrap up the game for it was getting late. Everyone gave the "don’t want leh…" look, especially the guys who were dying to kill me. So I gave them this challenge. one versus three. Me against 3 kids. I thought I would’ve won but heck, one guy protected the guy with the towel, the other came charging at me. Since the other two didn’t have towels, I couldn’t get them out of the game. SHit, the battle was won in an instant. crap, kindergaten and primary school kids…trust them to come up with a strategy like that without even negotiating. It was like instinct to them. Must be playing too many games…tsk..tsk…
So that pretty much wraps up the VBS. Adorable innocent kids and the cooler older students…I could remember my time in VBS. I was hm…P4-5? And they were treating me like some kindergarten kid. I was so angry and I vowed to end that. I guess I kept my vow.
Thailand sports trip 29 nov – 4 dec
Ok thailand was a very long and interesting trip and I can’t possibly write down everything so I’ll just write down the interesting events and stuff.
1. Island hopping was damn fun, one of the islands was surrounded in sea-urchins and I almost picked up a stone fish. I was looking around for stones to skip on the water and was digging them out of the sea-bed with my bootes. Then I saw this wierd looking "rock" that looked like a fish, but looked more like a rock than a fish so I gave it a prod with my bootes before picking it up and the thing just swam away. THANK goodness…whew. I was told it was a stonefish later on… We also visited a turtle farm where they grow turtles to put back in the wild. And they frow REAL sea turtles. I personally haven’t seen one. They had the little baby turtles which aren’t bigger than your plam and the HUGE mega mutant ninja turtles that are over a metre big. I was told they could grow up to 2 metres. Kickass turtles. Sice they aren’t in the sea, they don’t have barnacles all over them so you could feel their shells and flippers. Scaly,smooth, cool. They had nice patterns on their shells too, haiz, wish you were here.
2. I was walking along a pavement in pattaya talking with the other guys about cars and nitro when the dumbest thing happened. I stepped into concrete. Liquid concrete. I went ARGH! because my right sandal was half covered in concrete and I don’t wash it off soon, the concrete will probably join the sandal to my foot. I went around hunting for a water outlet and was washing my sandal at every puddle of water I saw. Eww…
3. Cards cards cards…We were always playing cards bridge and taiti. They owned me in bridge but I owned them in taiti. Wilbur was so bad at taiti that he had quite a few losing streaks. I had losing streaks for bridge almost all the time.  The scums were good alright. Don’t muck with them. They’ll own you at poker too.
4. The last night spent in Thailand was the most intersting night. The whole sailing team succumbed to the will of a bottle of vodka and was doing loads of stupid things. I was tired and went to sleep before the madness broke out. I still kept to my no alcohol rule although I had one shot, just to try it out. Made me pee like free. Bloody alcohol sucks all the water out from your gut and makes you feel very hot inside. Wonder why people still drink it. Ming and David were all red in the face. Andrea wasn’t red but she went mad. Of course they told me about everything when I got up in the morning.
5. The tuk-tuks in thailand are crazy. We managed to cram 4 guys into one tuk-tuk to get back into the hotel. So one poor guy had to sit on our feet perpendicular to our bodies on the floor. Perhaps it was the weight that made the tuk-tuk do this but apparently it wasn’t. Because the bloody thing did a wheelie and scared the shit out of us. It was at a traffic light. The tuk-tuk stopped at a red light and when it turned green, the driver jammed the accelrator but it didn’t budge, so he did it again and again and WHOOM! The thing did a wheelie and zoomed off. We were all swearing in the tuk-tuk. @(&%#%!$*^@%#$ ?*^# When we reached the hotel, we told the others about our adventure and they were so entertained. I was scared stiff. The driver was still there and he said," YOu want I show you again!" Three brave souls immediately rushed into the tuk-tuk and the driver did it again and the three brave souls came out swearing as well. What a ride! Wish you were here.
6. I witnessed the most spastic bargain ever. Our captain Ming was looking at this fantstic belt which was good quality too, I was told that the owner burnt the belt in front of them and nothing happened, meaning it was good stuff. Ming managed to bring the price from 1200 baht to 300 baht. Baht…I mean…but guess what, he suddenly changed his mind. His excuse to the poor auntie was "my heart pain lah, my heart pain" (*&%*>I&%@???? I would’ve taken it if I wore jeans. Anyway the whole time I was hunting around for the christmas exchange gift for the class chalet, don’t forget hor…I want a present too. I got mine for her at chatchuchack if that’s how you spell it but it still needs a personal touch to it. I couldn’t find a good present for the exchange though. All I could think of was camping stuff but i don’t think it’ll be much appreciated. But HECK! It’s my present to others right? It needs to remind the person of me. SInce I don’t know who that person is…I’ll give that person a…a…hm…I don’t know…
So that pretty sums up all the spastic, interesting and wacky stuff that happened during the holidays. I’ll be going to Korea soon so don’t miss the next entry on Korea, if I get back alive. So anyway the lucky person whos getting a present from me during the exchange…it’s very likely your present is going to be from Korea. KIMCHI!!! Muahahahahaha! I’m not that bad lah, hahaz…

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