“Camping trip”

Whoa…this was the best camping trip ever. The trip was so dangerous that everyone backed out except one brave adventurer: Kenny. Lolz Keith was supposed to come but we gave up waiting for him. In the end he got "ensnared" by his mom. So me and Kenny just rented bikes and cycled for 1 1/2 hours. Talking about cars and stuff. It’s very interesting talking to Kenny about cars, it’s like he knows practically everything about them. From Need For Speed Carbon to turbo-charged engines…Siao liao.
After cycling and complaining about how our butts hurt we slowly made our way to East Caost Hawker centre. Me tell you, the freaking bikes they rent there the gear all spoil one lor… highest gear fell like lowest gear. Siao liao alreddy…pedal like mad.
So at the hawker centre called keith to come again and he said 15 minutes but we waited over 45 minutes for him but as i said he got grounded so he didn’t come in the end. After our meal, we were thirsty and i volunteered to go buy sugar cane juice. Walk around the whole bloody place and it seems like the whole hawker center is hunder some sort of conspiracy. $1.40 for a cup of sugar cane!!! WHAT THE! And it’s a cup not the huge glass mug they give you at other hawker centres. Siao liao. In the end we didn’t buy, but we came up with this podcast Russel Peter style…Check it out…
I went to hawker center, some of you may know east coast hawker centre (all laugh). I went there I saw this sugar cane drink i ask "How much?"
"one fourty"
"How about a dollar?" You know how chinese people tell you no? They’ll give you the most vulgar no you heard in your life, like you told them to hang themselves or something?
"How about a dollar?"
"Wha siao liao lah, cannot! I can’t do one dollar, i do one dollar today tomorrow you come my shop close down."
"I’m not paying one fourty for this"
"Hang on I talk to my assistant. One second"
"siu apieurhgb apeiurgh paiurgh a"
"You look like nice guy, I give you best price. One fourty"
"But what the? You didn’t lower the price!"
"Of course I didn’t"
"Alright that’s it, I’m not buying it."
"Hey! Be a man"
"What the…"
"Be a man, do the right thing."
"I am doing the right thing."
"Maybe you don’t buy the drink now, you walk around the centre, you don’t see the drink as good as mine you come back and say "I buy for one fourty" I say no…Price gone up maybe one fifty (it was $1.20 the last time I came here.) Be a man!
Haha, so anyway after dinner set up the half tent and play 2p taiti. Kenny is a noob at it. Ask him what’s his smallest card he say two of diamonds I got a shock. He thought he was playing german bridge…Wha liao eh…Anyway it was good time spent with a good friend. We went home at 9 plus. No fire because the wood was wet…Damn 

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