Reflecting on IP life

It’s been one year in IP life and I feel that i should put my feelings in ink…or in here…heh heh.
It’s been a long year. A tumultuous year with ups and downs. But life’s never a smooth sailing isn’t it? Now when I look back, i feel the satisfaction that this year is finally over and a great quest completed with rewards aplenty. But somehow, right now, life suddenly meant much more to me. I always felt that my life is "disposable", ready to give it up in a snap of a finger. But if I were so ready for my life to be terminated, then i can never feel the preciousness of life. It’s something that I’m trying to learn. In this year, much knowledge has been gained and i have grown much wiser as well. Apart from any knowledge imparted from teachers, I want to record what I have learned myself in this year in the IP.
I always felt pain when I enter the class. Everyone turns around to look who it is and then there’s the "Oh, it’s you" look and everyone’s back to their own business. The only greeting I get is from either Kenny or Keith with the familiar "Joo…". I found out that here in the IP that not everyone can be on top. On social rankings there are those who can naturally be on top and those who naturally are at the bottom. I’m fine with that.
I feel that the most important thing that I learned is that treating your neighbour as yourself doesn’t always work. Not everyone is like you. I used to use myself as a benchmark on how to treat people that I just met. What I would like to happen I do for them, what I don’t want to happen to myself I don’t do to others. Well, let’s say that it doesn’t always happen in a positive manner. For example if someones love language is physical contact, I tell you that touching anyone or being "touched" is out of the question. I got a fright when someone touched my hand on purpose once. it was YIKES! HANDS OFF! feeling. So…in the end it’s compromise. Win-win is always the best solution.
Another thing that I learnt is that things change, especially people. I have this little wooden piece at home with these beautiful words written on it:
Some people come into our lives and quickly go
Some people comeinto our lives, stay for a while, leave footprints in our hearts and we are never the same 
How true can it get? There’s one thing though, this person who changes you can also be the one that quickly leaves as well. One cannot expect people to stay the same forever, even if you do. They may be very close to you and then suddenly leave. It’s painful to see a close friend get distant from you because of a force that you cannot control. And there are those who are distant but become best of friends in a while. And alas, there are those who never change as well. People who hurt you can be your close friends. Those who love you can be as distant as the sky. People always say treasure your friends before they leave and stuff like that. I’ll say treasure your friends before they change.
Something that I perfected in the IP is to not show your true colours, never say what you truely feel, never show your emotions. Why? Because I tell you people will hate you for it. Unless you do what they want, you’re an enemy. Furthermore, why do you want to be yourself for? It doesn’t pay I tell you. My advice to myself is to keep it to yourself. As Dr Sid said in "Final Fantasy:The spirits within", keep it in your head, anything can be used and will be used against you.
Ever felt your life was a joke? Empty and meaningless? Well, this year has been a joke but I had a good laugh.

3 comments on “Reflecting on IP life

  1. Keith says:

    hahaz "not show your true colours" how true that is =D…btw its J00…lolf

  2. Rhoda says:

    don\’t be so sad kay. there will always be alot of things that we cannot change but at least you still have friends!(: cheerup!

  3. Thomas says:

    JOO Hm…the name bug is gone. Anyway who said I was sad. It\’s a natural occurance, I\’m used to it.

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