IndiE venture week…

Whew, thank goodness it’s over. It was tiring and metally draining but it’s hell lot of fun I must say. Esp, because of my group members. They are simply teh best! My group doesn’t have a name and I suay suay become gp leader. I got this unique ability to kena arrow to be the leader. aka Sai Kang Warrior… Haiz. Ohwell. A job thats worth doing is worth doing well. Top group from the 3 categories (Forces of nature, inflection and abra onsas) will win a $50 gelare ice-cream voucher. I’m not a big fan of ice cream but hey she wants it so might as well work for it right? Haha. Anyway I got my first choice and got into Forces of nature, together with Caitlin, Cui Yue, Yin Hong and Zhai Juan. We’re supposed to come up with a structure that will block the tsunami from reaching the city in this little town called Hilo in one of the hawaiian islands and to come up with an evac plan for the residents and tourists. To sum everything up I shall just write about the end products and the results of our labour.
It was really blood and sweat man. Alot of hard work went into this project. For our structure, we literally pwned the rest. Out of 250 pts we scored 210. The test was a water spray spraying at your structure for 30s. Toy soldiers will be placed around your structure and you have to save the soldiers! So we pwned man…the other groups only had around 150? Yeah, we own!
But presentation-wise it wasn’t so good. We didn’t win the vouchers because of this. We’re a bunch of IT idiots who can’t come up with a descent powerpoint. So we turned the whole thing into a skit insted. It worked well and we got into the top 3 groups in our category. Whcih means we have to present again but to the IP cohort instead of the teachers.
That’s good and bad.
At the end, we lost to Perle’s group. Their powerpoint was superb and I think they should’ve won so congrats and congrats to the other winners too. Enjoy your ice-cream…

2 comments on “IndiE venture week…

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey11 you should have asked me to do it11 i offered but noone bothered or listened so….sad 1stly,i ❤ doing powerpoint slides… 2ndly, it isn\’t exspensive…. $2 per 10 slides? = )

  2. Thomas says:

    … … WTH… … Nvm, at least the powerpoint is completely our effort. I am proud of it. It was the first powerpoint template I ever made. Heh heh. Anyway is there a bug in the system? Why is it that everyone who leaves a comment has (no name)?

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