Tuesday. Helmsman week…

Today was fun. Muay Thai in the morning. It was really basic man, but I picked up a few new things. But I still prefer my own fighting style which is imparted by my Dad. He calls it Tai Ji but I call it rojak. Can tell all the different forms put together to form what my dad calls tai ji. Lol. Everything went fine until MATHS came. Bloody hell, returning of math scripts. ARGH! I don’t want it! Take it back! oh well, all bad things must come to a start, which is now. A peek at my answer script when i placed it upside down told me I passed. MArginally. Really marginal. 50. I felt glad I passed but sad that I got 50. 50!!! I passed! Then there’s the 50!!! DAMN! emotion. Oh well. I calculated the other time that my max number of marks I could get was 62. I was right. Haiz…Then stone the whole day. I could have done better, but haiz. It’s fate I tell you! it’s fate! That’s rubbish. I shall pwn the bloddy R-paper! Muahahahah. that thing is wicked sick, R-papers is R-rated. Hahaha.
Gym training wasn’t so bad. Yongie wanted us to train on flexibility first then move on to strength. So easy peesy exercises. Heck we couldn’t go outside to play because of the haze. What have we done to deserve this??? Damned haze. PSI today was 113. Woot! It’s raining dust! Breathe it in! Ar…. …. After gym was GAMES! Finally some outdoor action, who’s afraid of a little haze? SO after a long discussion on what to play, we decided to play frisbee with a ball. -_-" They call it Frisball. Lolmao. It was fun actually, much easier to catch and to throw. And it was so easy that I twisted my ankle. -_-""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Darn, it was minor, was walking on around 5 minutes but it still hurts when I got home. So that’s it for today, I came up with a new hypothesis today check it out, It’s called: Humans are inherently sadistic.

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