Humans are inherently SADISTIC

Okay I came up with this today after I got back my math paper. I was stoning until somebody asked if I was okay and stuff. I must have looked really sad but actually I wasn’t. Then that person said,"Hey, at least you passed, I got 40-something" Then it struck me. Humans ARE inherently sadistic. I ask you, why did that person say that to me? To make me feel better right? How? By making him/herself lower than me. That person is unconsciously trying to appeal to my inherent sadistic nature to make me feel better! Also, another example is to go around complaining that one has so few marks and seems to be enjoying it. This proves my theory wrong right? WRONG! ahaha! This person is also unknowingly trying to draw out somebody that has lesser marks than him or her. When that happens, there’s the consolation that I’m not last anymore attitude. Bingo, humans are inherently sadistic. That’s where you get slapstick humour. How many of us will laugh first then help a friend when something really comical befalls him or her. For example, banging into a lamp post or like Sheng Chow, do a cartwheel, OUT of the class… See? Actually it has to do with something with how you perceive humans. Whther they are originally good till proven evil or evil till proven good. To be on the safe side I feel that everyone is neither evil nor good but somebody to be wary of. You’ll never know what’ll happen. So I shall say again, humans are inherently SADISTIC!!! It has been such a social norm that we don’t feel it anymore. We are unconscious of our own sadistic nature. Until now that I uncovered it. Heh heh. You can go around calling everyone a freaking sadist from now on. If you want a severe beating of course…

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