Wonderful weekend

The weekends never tasted so sweet. Finally can rest for a day or so before burying myself in chemistry. I’ve flunked maths, physics, going flunk Language arts and Chinese…That’s almost everything, I might as well take all the R-papers…Haiz my IP1 life is screwed. Nehilism all starts to make sense now. When we view the world from a pessimistic point of view, we get this. This is starting to turn out to be a chicken and egg question…If bad things arise because of our negative attitude, and our negative attitude arise out of bad things…Which one came first? Hm…quite simple actually, bad things right? So bad things is a constant and negative feelings and thoughts are variables…Argh forget it, flung maths already still think like this…
The knife had grown to be much more appealing nowadays…Dunno why but I just have this urge to use it. (not kill someone, kill myself maybe) So I shall go camp on tuesday after LA. I shall bring change of clothes, poncho and half-tent to school. After LA, it’s straight to East Coast for me. Find a nice camping spot, collect some tinder and dry wood, put it in one side, lay the poncho, set up the tent and relax. Let the waves of the sea wash away your sorrow, let the runners that run past inspire you with their will, let the sea breeze brush against your face like a silk cloth. When night falls, you set up the fire and bask in the orange light. Ever tending to it like a child. The product of your hard work and skill. Sit back, enjoy the flames, the heat and of course dinner and marshmallows beside the fire. That’s what I’m going to do on tuesday.
No words spoken, only in your mind, and like the mocie title, it’s just you, me and the tent.
Looking forward to the EOEOY (end of end-of-years)

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