First day of exams…

It’s the first day of exams and everyone is walking into class with a rather sour mood. Exams have started whaddya know. Anyway as my train of thought goes, if it’s monday means tmr is tuesday and if tmr is tuesday means the week after tuesday, our exmas will be over so rejoice. But then again, not everyone looks on the bright side. I don’t look on the bright side all the time anyway. BUT before it all began I was treated to some eye candy. Not in that sense lah…I’m not some despo shit ogling at "well endowed" people. But seriously today she was wearing this hairband that made her look absolutely gorgeous. I would have gasped if I allowed myself but that would make it all too obvious. I would have to agree with Ms Toh that she looks good in uniform but not with cynthia that she should go camping in it. The VJ uniform is too thick and it makes you sweat all over. But she looks good in anything. Love is blind. lol. So that was some eye-candy for the day. And by the way  have to make this known, if you are reading this and think I’m some pervert that likes to stare and stare and stare, I’m not. I’m a long distance admirer. You know the see no touch rule? Just a glimpse is enough to brighten up the day.  I’m all the way down here and she’s all the way up there. She and I are worlds apart but I still like her very much leh. Hm…some say that variety is the spice of life. Back then in the "better" days, she some classmates and I were aboard the 31 bus back home. The discussion topic came to PSLE scores and she asked us. "What’s your PSLE aggregate? two-six what?" I was shocked for words. I couldn’t believe it. What did I put myself into??? Me, some lowly kid from some unknown primary school, no honour to his name and no achievements placed with a bunch of intellectuals???!!! This is too much for me to handle. I’m screwed whereever I go…
Haiz, back to exams…Two words, die liao. LA essay was not too bad, until the compre, summary and application question showed itself. After that was chinese paper 1 with the essay and functional writing. Really die liao. But I shall prevail. Exams cannot kill me, only the knife can…
And btw, I realised that you can form the word xmas out of exams. So Merry Christmas ppl!

One comment on “First day of exams…

  1. Kenny says:

    Ugh. Cultural forces. You must keep interacting in thr world of rapid globalisation or else you will become homogenised, losing your identity and ugh… becoming a dead dogma…. Ugh…Disrupt power balance… Ugh… Molecules start to move from region of lower concentration to region of higher concentration due to mrbrownian motion…Ugh…Slippery slope syndrome…Ugh… The Matrix implanted an exam virus in my code… Ugh… Must return to Zion and fight for liberty…Ugh…

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