Meaning of life…

Haiz, I know I should be studying during this study leave but I’ve decided to take this night off for a breather. And during this evening/night I was thinking about one of the age old questions: What is the meaning of life? Contrary to what LA teaches, I do not have to think in a language. I think in a series of events that have happened. It’s hard to explain but point is, I don’t have to think in a language… Haha.
Anyway, while reading through my bio notes and bio related extra readings, I wondered, what gives life. So what if I got some lightning and some bunch of amino acids and sigars? A living cell is the same as a dead cell in terms of composition. We know what sustains life but what gives life? What is the soul? Hm… This questions science cannot explain but God knows all. So moving on from there, I reflected upon what happened throughout the year. Well, the year is almost over and will be before you know it. So what have I done/accomplished/failed in this year. And I can’t believe I still remember the DRM (developmental road map if you guys can remember). I reflect upon the goals set and sadly I don’t think I’m going to achieve any of them. First goal was to acuire leadership skills through the course of the year but I’ve only learnt how to whisper to myself and stuff. Well, it’s reflected in the class’ response to me…Second was to know more people better. Other than a certain few, I guess I’ve stopped dead in my tracks. I’ve still yet to know more about someone other than her favourite colour. Third was to get good grades, that is a possibility of success. Well, good is relative and I decide how good is good.  Feels ‘good’ to be in control sometimes.
Another thing is that I looked through and accessed the social stability of our class. I shall keep my mouth quiet on this one lest I start another Kwok-hater campaign. But anyway I have identified a few social/class rankings. From the highest to the lowest we have the,,,
King/Queen – People with immense social power, everyone will listen to them and do their bidding at whatever the cost. Why? Because number 1, they fear being backstabbed (these people wield great social power mind you, they can turn everyone against you in the blink of an eye) or number 2 because they feel like helping a friend when they are actually being manipulated. Finally, as their name suggests, they usually get what they want done…
Alpha female (most of the time) – Again, these people have social power but not as much as the monarchs mentioned above. They are content to be behind them though. People listen to them because they wield authority and great intellect. They could probably thumb you down in a single sentence. So, watch out if you’re not on good terms with them.
Groupies (people who form a group) – These bunch only have power when they’re together. By themselves, they’re helpless. Generators of gossip and juicy news, they move around in a pack and rarely caught alone. Usually being led by a King/Queen, they tend to acquire some of their traits but as sais, only work when in a group.
Goofy(plural: goofies) – Reputation for being, well, goofy. With their happy go lucky attitude they are rarely put into consideration. However, their goofiness never fails to entertain and that puts them in a certain degree of respect by their peers.
Vagabonds – Clueless wanderers who can’t care less. Usually the quiet bunch but they never fail to surprise with their unique skills. They usually wander alone and tend to stay away from larger groups even when invited. Their unique skills are respected IP-wide and respected. However, jealous people might brand them with a certain nickname.
Pariahs – No need to explain more. They’re just social outcasts. Labelled as anti-social, these people tend to stay in groups of 2 to three. They have no power nor authority nor respect. Hated, excluded and forgotten, they have the ability of stealth which sometimes work to their advantage when people take no notice of them. Most however, enjoy this state.
Yup, so there. I think everyone in our class fits into one of these categories. I myself fall into the pariah caste, others I shall not say if not teoh kan again. I realised my blog is a very powerful tool. Usually people read without leaving comments and then when I say something "new". WHAMMO! My whole blog gets flooded with negative comments. I kinda deserved it though but no more from now on. I’m a "good boy". I "self-censor" haha, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking it. It’s still swimming in my brain, being processed and processed again.
SS says there’s no culture of one. I think my IP life can prove that wrong. HAH!

Hm…I’ve gotten over the fact that my number tag got vandalised by some clown in our class or an outsider. And special thanks to Rhoda who came to "console" me. Actually the best way to console a man is to leave him alone. He’ll simmer down after awhile. Works for me. Anyway that bloody vandal better not do it again. I’m looking for something vandal-proof to stick on my locker but currently nothing to put so keep searching lor.
>>>Thomas out>>>

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