Number one…

This is a series of events that happened from Monday to Thursday which is today.
1. Bloddy IM preseentation on tuesday. Without warning…the schedule was given to us on monday and my group was to present on tuesday. First of the grouping some more… At least it’s by Mr Boy and Ms Ong. What I infer is that Ms Ong is a new teacher and she knows no shit (or…she doesn’t know much) and Mr Boy doesn’t intimidate me unlike Mr Koh and most of the other teachers. So…on tuesday, I made my script and Nicholas wrote the ENTIRE script for everyone. WoHo, thanks Nick. I feel like a slacker leh. Pris and Jill did most of the stuff and Nicholas did few but rather large stuff like analysis of the survey all by himself and other large stuff. Whereas I can’t remember what I have done. Haiz…nothing actually, not even the podcast. We couldn’t use the podcast anyway because we didn’t hand it in together with the powerpoint. NAHBE*! And, I should stop swearing. During PE on tuesday I swore quite loudly in front of the PE teacher and others. So much for a testimony for Christ haiz…My life testimony is screwed. I must redeem myself haiz. Anyway this was how it happened. I got hit by a netball in the face while catching a high ball and sent my specs flying. Oh the horror. For somebody who hates netball to get hit by a netball in the face is highly embarrassing. Haiz, I forgave the netball which hit me and carried on playing.
Guess what,
It happened again…
That was it. I lost control…NABEH CHEEBYE!!! Don’t use specs liao. The PE teacher was there and she looked "shocked" and Cynthia was laughing away that my specs flew off and that it happened a second time. Dun blame her though, it was probably quite a funny sight…
2. I met the largest CPK
I will not elaborate…
I hate this. I have this auto built-in anger suppressor that prevents me from blowing my top and getting violent or let alone raise my voice. If I try to do so, my voice will falter and I’ll start squeaking. Haiz…It seems to me that God put it there. Maybe it’s a good thing, stop me from commiting bigger sins. Actually just thinking about angry thoughts is a sin. It’s hard to be perfect.
3. I beat Cui Yue in Taiti
Ok no surprise here. Haha. While doing our group SS project on the mind map thingy (our topic is subcultures), we drifted to taiti. Can’t remember how it happened but it happened anyway.
"Haiz, too bad you dunno how to play."
"I know how to play, who say I dunno how to play?"
"You can play? HAHA! Prepare to be owned…"
Play on…
As a self-declared Taiti King (like my initials TK=Taiti King) I have an image to keep. So we roped in Nicholas and Perle to form a 4 player game. So it’s a battle between me and Cui Yue. Muahaha. The first match was quite interesting, my cards were horrible but me and cui yue were down to one card each. Mine was an ace and his a queen. He had earlier thrown the 2 of Hearts which everyone passed. TO MY HORROR, because Nicholas still had the Tua ti and he didn’t put it down! So Cui Yue won the 1st game.
The next game I owned man…Monster Kill. I won obviously, thank goodness. If Cui Yue won again dun need to play liao…
The third and last game, again me and cui yue were down to one card each. Perle had just thrown a big card and she was in posession of the game. And again, TO MY HORROR…she cooly placed the four of diamonds on the pile. I went hysterical. After Perle’s turn was Pris’ turn then followed by Cui Yue’s turn. And Perle nicely put the 4 of diamonds down. Is it some conspiracy to overthrow me as the Taiti King??!! Thankfully Pris placed a card that Cui Yue had to pass, me having the next biggest card unplayed pt the ace of hearts down and again went hysterical. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Still the Taiti King and evermore… … mUahahahahahaha!

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