Leadership ain’t easy you can be sure of that. Being the secretary isn’t easy. Looks like I bit off more than I can chew, I never asked for the "second-in-command" post and I thought being the secretary means tying up loose ends or running little errands. But it’s not like that, screw up any of the little tasks and say bye bye to your reputation. I think I have negative reputation left. Being a leader is tough, especially being a class leader. I think I can run my little groups quite okay, groups of 5 or less. But looking at the class response to me, I think I have negative respect lor…Everytime I give an announcement nobody listens…Not the first time you know…I once gave an announcement which no one listened to. Just me and the "wall". Now I know how teachers feel. Lol. Haiz. I also screwed up the class accounts, I lost about 20-30 bucks and I have fully paid up for it out of my own pocket. Ouch. It really sucks lor…
So therefore I didn’t apply for PSL. Not that I don’t want to or because I think leadership sucks but I just think I’m not up to it. I’m not really very spontaneous or sociable. I think I’ll be doing VIP a favour by NOT being a PSL. Being a PSL is more than fun alone. I don’t want to join just because it’s fun. The "future" of the next IP1s rest in our hands. So I have given it much thought and decided that I shouldn’t go for it. Just like what commander Paddy and I myself once said, to be a leader you must be a follower. Not everyone can be a leader, there must be followers to be a leader so not everyone can be a leader, get it? So I’ll be your follower, lead the way and I’ll follow you where ever you lead. So I wish all future PSLs good luck with the selections and give it much thought.

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