Teacher’s Day

Okey dokey…there’s been alot of stuff going on these few days and I haven’t been able to record everything down here due to my hectic schedule, just like everyone else. But today is the start of a week long holiday… …or week long mugging holiday. Despite Ms Toh’s advice to start studying today, I didn’t, although I raised my hand and "swore" that I would start studying. But hey, it’s teacher’s day and there’s COMEX going on at the expo, won’t hurt if I only started studying tonight right? Anyway I was really ticked off by my primary school today. I wanted to go back and visit the greatest teacher who inspired and changed me at my primary school. SO I delibrately took an MRT to Simei station and wlked over in the "medium" drizzle (if the rain was black, I would have been a black zebra with white stripes/spots). I walked over to the main gate and I realised that there was nobody around? Everyone’s inside? I went to ask the security guard.
"Can I go in and visit my teacher?"
"Okay thanks." I looked at my watch. * ! It’s twelve o’clock. I give up, I’m going home. Argh! WHAT’S UP WITH CHANGKAT’S SECURITY??!! DOES A VJ GUY CAUGHT IN THE RAIN LOOK LIKE A TERRORIST TO YOU???????
Okay I may be over-reacting but I’ve seriously had enough with Changkat Primary. Ever since they changed principal…haiz…things just got worse and worse. They closed down sailing! How could they do that??!! *^%$#?^%#)!  I remember the time when I was in P1, the principal then had the power to instil fear into everyone yet remain respected. I can still remember her "favourite phrase" : I only want to hear the fan. And the entire hall of over a thousand kids fell silent, just with one sentence. No one dared make a sound, you could really hear a pin drop. Then after P2, change principal again, this time not bad lah, not as good as the first one but still…okay lah. Then when I was going to graduate, change again, so now it’s that principal that’s running the school now. Everyone hates her I think. SHe’s the one that close down sailing, that’s why I hate her. Furthermore, in 2004 when I returned to visit, the new compound was ready and occupied. Guess what, I wasn’t even allowed to go beyond the canteen and tour the place which I have put my sweat and blood into. I had to stay in a old lousy campus for 2 years and I graduated before the new compund was ready. THAT OLD LOUSY SCHOOL HAD CLASSROOMS WITH NO DOORS!!! Now you * principal dun let me in your school to see what I have contributed to? What can I do? Steal your toilet paper? Throw wet tissue at the ceiling? Draw on the walls? Kill the koi in the pond? Haiz…anyway I didn’t go back after 1:30, blame security. Feels like I need a passport to get in (after passing the immigration, weapons check, metal detectors e.t.c)
Anyway just to put some things in history,
Thomas Kwok officially and legally stepped into Mediacorp studios at Caldecott hill on the 26 of August 2006.
erm…anything else? er…
haha that’s all, wait got something else.

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