Filing experience

Okay…this is another lag entry, this was supposed to happen yesterday but I didn’t have the time to put it down. Anyway I was doing some filing, sorting all my loose worksheets and punching holes. I was also just flipping through the handouts/notes/worksheets and I saw all my little doodles from little stickmen to axes and swords to a suit of armour to an entire war. And it made me feel happy and sad. I realised that the doodles were actually representing how I felt at that time. I remember the time I had "tea" (or better known as a screwing session) with Mr Yang I was totally devasted, I think if you refer back to the archives u can read up, I wrote a hell lot of stuff about that matter. And all the pieces of paper I had during that time all had doodles of people dying. I remember this sketch of a ninja (I love drawing ninjas) on his knees with 3 arrows in his chest. He was bleeding and of course dying. When I saw this sketch I felt angry and sad, felt like crushing up the paper and throwing it away.
On the other hand, there were the drawings of HALO characters and Protoss armour. Those were the times I felt happier and proud of myself. I was flipping thru my LA notes and I saw this picture of a ninja (again) in the air twirling a rod and deflecting arrows. Can’t remember what I was really feeling at that time but I felt happier when I saw it.
Haiz…pictures really do speak a thousand words…Especially when you draw them yourself. I might want to just keep a diary of entirely pictures form now on…Nah…not practical. But haiz, what an experience when you do something so boring such as filing.

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