Screwed for IM

Alright, I hereby declare that I am screwed for IM. Blame me, I am the cause of my own problems, the root of all evil (actually that’s yam boy but never mind). I just got screwed in an email by commander Paddy. Imagine what he’s going to do to me face-to-face. Being the GL isn’t the best thing in the world. I can’t even get my group to work and produce results! Geez, I’m so useless. Of all the things I cannot do, there’s IM. Usually when I get something I’ll stick it thru no matter sun or rain or hail or meteorite shower. But I don’t see the worth in IM, there’s no "relevance". I’ve already let it go during the start of the year, like LA. Now there’s com. Paddy telling me off when I don’t do what I see no worth in doing. I’m so depressed. Both ways I lose. Do IM, I lose. Don’t do, lose more. Tmr I bet he’s going to give me a very good scolding on urgency of work. And it’s not my group, it’s ME…Cuz I’m GL. Even if he’s addressing the whole group, I feel that I haven’t done my part as a GL. Even so, what have I done as a secretary? Photocopy stuff for people? Count money? Like I’m not busy liddat… Haiz…GG liao lor…

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