Monday – AGAIN!!!

Haiz, it’s monday after a long and relaxing weekend, didn’t do much during the week end, do homework, play CS on Xbox (dam noob right?) and watch the national day speech while eating durian haha. Anyway this monday was quite usual, forgot to do my chinese essay and whole class kena solding by Mrs Chng for sloppy work. Expectations in the IP are quite high, most students would have pleased any teacher with our work quality, nut not the teachers here. "You’re IP students…" they always say. Seng-ded lor…
Jillian was super high today, dunno why. She’s always picking on Perle. She’s in taekwondo and Perle looks like she can crumble with one poke, how nice of Jillian, but of course all in the name of fun.
Language arts passed surprisingly fast maybe because we got our test results back. Dunno whether to laugh or to cry. LA is the HARDEST and dumbest subject, the time could be better spent on physics, chem and bio…Lousy LA. Anyway I just passed with 32/60. Kenny mod like siao lor…Get 50. Tyco shit…ANyway I’m not jealous. I’m already proud of my results, at least I didn’t fail this time around…That’s an achievement.
After school, my group Mogos (dunno y they call it mogos, wasn’t my idea) went to Pris’ house to do Bio Project S. We finally got the structure done after alot of guesswork which I thought we should consult Ms Fong first before doing, anyway what’s done is done. We had a ball of a time doing it. We were all laughing at Jillian who was rather exasperated by the time she had to cut the 4th sponge into eights. She said that the next time she has to cut a sponge, she’ll have a nervous breakdown. SO now we know what to get her for her birthday? Heeheeheehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Lame shitz…
Haiz, this week got SS test, So Sian. It’s super chim lor…3/4 the time I dun understand, and got so many handouts to revise before thursday/ Anyway this is the last test before end-of-years. Cheers. Study hard people… …try to study hard people.

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