Details for East coast trip.

Okaayyy…Our much awaited 6 days of holiday is finally here. So friday we go to East Coast and let our hair down. Just for one day. You can mug the rest of the week but come for this little mini-outing kay?
There is no set itenery but the rough itenery will be cycling, hawker center zi char dinner, games and last but not least campfire. Campfire is the highlight ok? Must try to stay for that one. Hope that day dun rain, if not wood all wet, no campfire haha. Anyway there will be accomodations made for those who want to stay at East Coast till the following morning. I will be borrowing a 8-man tent so there’ll be lots and lots of room. If the girls decide to stay, guys can always sleep under the stars on our poncho, no problem for us. If you are irked by hawker food, cycling for 3 hours (or less), camping or feeding mosquitoes, please come and try something new. Don’t worry, this is my "Di pan" If I cannot start a fire with dry wood, tinder and a lighter, my name is not Camper. So pls come. You guys will be well taken care of. But of course take care of yourselves. East Coast isn’t the safest place to be at night, so yah just be careful there ok? Dun worry lah, got one whole bunch of us. Unity is strength
>>>List of things to bring
Water bottle
Money (min $5) just bring your wallet lah…
Snacks to eat at the campfire
…Aiyah just bring what u need to bring lah
>>>List of things to bring for those who are staying (happy campers)
Bring the above PLUS…
Insect repellant
Change of clothes
Torchlight with batteries
If possible first aid kit
Toiletries (tootbrush etc.)
Okay so on friday meet at the overhead bridge that connects VJC to East Coast Park at 2.00pm SHARP ok? And try not to wander off to Suntec hor. If not I have to lug all my gear there. So see you on friday. If you’re going please leave a comment. And please ask for parental consent if u want to stay over. Your safety is my concern. Guys and girls ok?
>>>People who are CONFIRMED going (hope to see your name here)
Piao Han
Cui Yue

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