The ult. OMGosh week

WoHo…they upgraded MSN space…The interface is different but I dunno about the other aspects…It looks horrible. I want the old one back…Anyway here’s about my week so far from monday to today which is thursday.
We had to collect different samples of liquids namely soft drink, pond water and drain water which I brought my Dad’s comscord(type of rope) to tie to a bucket and collect water from the Long Kang outside VJ. Shiandy (that’s what I like to call him lols) made it very clear that no one is allowed to go into the canal to collect water. That meant Keith couldn’t…er…take a closer look at the "specimens" inside the drain. LOLs…Anyway our group happily collected the soft drink and pond water then proceeding onto the Long Kang. I was crapping how we could make a franchise out of selling drain water. Since the others were not as equipped as us…that meant demand is high. But supply is low (or cannot get supplies, drain water is clearly abundant), therefore when demand is high and supply is low, price go up. Long Kau He (drain fish) will be an additional $1. Heh Heh. So we got our bucket load of drain water while the others were trying to fish drainwater out with waterbottles tied with raffia. Lol. Good luck man… Caitlin tried fishing for water and all she got was air. Felt like bursting out laughing when I saw her trying. But anyway after we got our water, we handed the bucket and the comscord to Kevin’s group. And Kevin dropped the whole thing into the drain. Yuppz, the comscord too. I was shocked but not angry. I immediately went to try to fish the thing out but to no avail. Shiandy was already calling us back so no choice. Leave it lor. Hope the tide doesn’t bring it off to some faraway land…
Back in the science lab, I found out the the drain water was around pH 7. WTH? Long Kau Zhui pH 7???!!! That thing is NEUTRAL??? Well apparently. So after our chem lesson and physics lesson, Nivek and I rushed down to the drain to fish the thing out. The string we brought was to short so I had to climb into the drain via a stairway and wait for the bucket to drift towards me. After around half an hour the thing floated near enough to throw the string and hook onto the bucket. I pulled it towards me and brought it up the stairs. I borrowed a pair of scissors from some St. Pats guy since their school was right beside the drain to cut off the portions of comscord that got entangled with drain rubbish. We immediately ran back to school and had our lunch.
Mission Impossible accomplished. WooHoo! Got my comscord back. YES!
Whoa today double kill. Chinese mock test and Math test consecutively…The source of all my anguish, sorrow and lack of sleep. What a great sense of relief I felt when the tests were over. Whew. Worry about marks later. Now it’s time to loosen up….I’m going to fail maths, if not just pass. Haiz…Dun need to say anymore for Chinese.
Wow, today was …erm…stunning. 3 hour break today. Girls and some guys went to parkway to shop/eat etc. I was happy to stay in school. I had things to do anyway. Meeting Shiandy to go thru with me the chem test which I failed miserably. After coming back from Shiandy’s lesson, went to sleep on the sofa. The GREAT thing about the classroom is that it has a sofa. Whoo! After TRYING to sleep for 30 minutes, I gave up and went to TC with some of the ppl that came back from parkway. After chatting for a while the whole gang came back from parkway carrying mini-plastic bags. What now mini-revolution? Out of curiousity I asked what did they buy. I did not expect this but I got it anyway. The most unexpected situation happened. Even I could not anticipate it coming. Caitlin gave the psycho smile and help up something and went "there" in her also psycho voice. It was something rectangular and had words on it. A closer look and I was stunned for words. (Not that I WANTED to take a closer look but hey, I want to know what it was). She was holding up her newly bought underweear. YES. they were comparing what they bought with each other. I was shocked, stunded whatever. Ciatlin just drilled into my mind the most retarded image into my mind. She holding up *ahem like some fun fair and going "there!" with her psycho smile and voice. I can’t bear to look up again. THEN there was a knock on the door and I instinctively swung my head around to see who was at the door. The door was not opened yet but at the corner of my eyes I saw a *ahem with blue polka dots. Have they no shame? Shameless leh…Just then Shng Chow burst into the room with his usual swagger. Me, Nivek and Kenny were pushing him out saying stuff like "You don’t want to come in." "You don’t want to see anything." He was still insistent on entering so he entered. His eyes scanned the room and cought sight of the girl’s national flags. He took his worksheet covered half his face and ran out of the classroom. All the guys were laughing our heads off. The Jellyman re-entered the class, now more cautious with the worksheet covering half his field of vision. LOL…
This incident was really a WHAT THE HELL??? incident. Well, get used to it lor…
Well that was my week…Interesting…

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