Search and recover mission

Alright, it was a really boring day with nothing do do except getting lectured by Ms Toh and Mrs Jayabout school work and stuff. Half of it made sense actually. Haiz. Anyway, today we weren’t going to the maths resource room. We were commandeering room T23. Mission was successful. Plan went without a hitch and all occupants willingly left the room, after checking the room for bugs and explosives, we occupied the area and made ourselves at home. Muahaha. But the ex-occupants of room T23 made a counter attack and swept into the facility, extracting their beloved sofa which we thought was ours together with the booty when we took over. But no, they got past our defenses and towed it away. Now, a new mission is being formulated. A search and recover mission to retrieve the sacred sofa.
Operation Sofa
Time: 1700 – 1715
Nav points: Alpha-T23, Beta-T33, Delta-Staircase landing
Mission type: Recovery
Firearms: None
Communications: Standard-issue Cellphones
Mission brief: Red team will start from Nav Alpha. Red two will sneak to Nav Delta to check if coast is clear. Red two will remove any opposition himself or radio for assistance. Red two will then proceed to Nav Beta. He will give the all clear signal when occupants have left the area. If occupants do not leave in 0030 hours, radio in for Fire team Zulu to remove any stragglers. Fire team Zulu and Red team will secure the area and radio for extraction team to bring sofas back to Nav Alpha. Red team will escort extraction team back to Nav Alpha. Once Red Team gives the signal, Fire team Zulu will rendezous at Nav Delta and proceed back to Nav Alpha.
The mission is simple and clear cut. Failure is not an option, the  comfort of our occupants rests on your shoulders…

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