Painful loss…(lag entry)

This is supposed to happen yesterday, 2 July. The wind was strong and the sun was shiny and of course the smell of the sea. With inter school in 3 deays time, this will probably be the last training for inter school. And today was one of the only days that we get to train in strong wind conditions. YES!!! Means I can go out on trapeze. Whoopee! Once out at sea it was a tough fight against the waves. I got blown (yes, literally blown) off the boat by huge half-meter waves. It just engulfs you. The sea was choppy and the wind was strong. Sounds like fun AND danger. I fell into the water a total of 4 times that day. And nobody else fell in…Not fair. I fell in because the boat was slippery and the waves were slamming against me. that happened twice. The other 2 was because my helmsman didn’t alert me that he was slowing down and then I fell into the water and when he jerked the boat I flew off the boat. (again, literally flew) I was thrown off the boat and my helmsman was laughing away.
"Hey Ming!(another 420 helmsman) Did you see how he flew?" Yah yah, I fell in okay… wasn’t entirely my fault though. Heehee. Although upwind was tough and tiring, downwind was the best. Remember the half metre waves I was talking about? If they hit your boat from the back…Can u imagine how far the waves can propel you? Combined with a pump of the sail, we were constantly surfing the waves and shouting in ecstacy when a big wave comes. It was fun…
Then after we went back to shore and I removed my life jacket and the stupid harness I felt my pockets. OH SH*T!!! My phone went sailing with me??? I forgot to take it out from my pocket! ARGH!!! I pulled out my lifeless sony ericsson T610 from my wet pocket. A look at the LCD screen and you know it had died a terrible death. I DROWNED MY PHONE!!! Noooooo! My Dad is going to kill me… What am I going to do now??? Shit shit shit…I’m dead…
Went back home and my dad gave me a spare phone. Some old nokia phone with disgusting ringtones…Haiz guess I have to live with it till I get  new phone…But I’m not fussy, I can live with it. Sure, no problem…But aha…I’ve been eyeing this phone the nokia 5500 sport. Thanks to Kenny I went to find out more about it. Splash proof, dust proof, shock resistant…But it’s too much. Too many features for it to be in my budget of $200. But one phone leads to another. I remembered nokia came up with this cool camper phone which is almost everyting proof. It was quite a few years back. When I was in pri school or sec 1 it came out but it didn’t stay in the market for too long. It dissapeared very fast. I wanted that phone when it came out. Now I need to get a new phone. I can go get that one! Since it’s  a very old model, the price should be quite low by now. Problem is, where to find it? Ebay, yahoo auctions, hard ware zone all don’t have. Looks like it’s time to go comb the streets of bedok central. Known to me as handphone haven haha. Lame shitz…Anyway I attached a photo of the phone. If you’ve seen it before and or know where to get it pls tell me. My phone number is still the same, managed to salvage that from my poor T610. 
Quite cool, got camera some more for an old model. Integrated compass, flashlight, thermometer, GPS what else can a camper ask for? Haha, they should put a knife with the phone, lolz

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