10 things we can learn from an Ice Cube

Yes, there are things to be learnt from an ice cube. I was chewing one (bad habit, eating ice) in the hot afternoon and then I realised that I can learn from an ice cube too. I think u have to be in my context to fully grasp my interpretation of an ice cube…
10 things we can learn from an ice-cube…
1. Ice cubes love company. Can you imagine a situation when u are dying for a cold drink and you open the freezer to find only one ice cube?
2. An ice cube may be small, but a bunch of ice cubes work wonders
3. An ice cube has the ability to adapt to it’s surroundings. Take it out of the freezer and it turns into water
4. An ice cube is strong. You can’t squish an ice cube (at least with your hand).
5. Even when an ice cube is crushed, it can melt into water and freeze itself back into the same ice cube
6. It’s not easy to make an ice cube. Cherish that little cube you have.
7. Stay cold if you want to stay useful
8. Doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, so long as the ice cube is cold
9. Don’t worry, a large chunk of ice is always at zero degrees, so is an ice cube.
10. Chill when neccessary…
Okay I think these are the 10 things that I have learnt from an ice-cube. Haiz…Even normal day to day objects can teach us such invaluable lessons…

One comment on “10 things we can learn from an Ice Cube

  1. Kevin says:

    hmm… tink about it…
    apllies to lots of things..

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