Are we bluffing ourselves?

I just revisited the class blog recently and did a random right click and this pop-up saying 06V13 rocks…er…popped up. Ok diaoded nvm, then it got me thinking…Are we bluffing ourselves? Ok people are going to hate me for this but again and in other times, this is my honest opinion.
06V13 rocks…in what sense? Class unity? I think that is totally wrong. Quoting somebody saying,"Our class sucks, *(school name) is much better than this."
"No, I think it’s okay what."
"I still think *(school name) is better"
This conversation was held in January and this person had foresight…My previous class was like this also, comprising of multiple cliques that didn’t want to have anything to do with each other. There was no class spirit and class comm was non-existent. The only experience that I had with my "class" was within my little clique. Jun Han was in it you can ask him about my class condition. Now after half a year in IP, I think 06V13 is almost the same thing. Just that we can work together in dire times of need, eg. Cultural night. But other than that we all try to minimise contact. Another thing is what I call the class spirit deception. Do we have class spirit? Do you feel that you can connect to every individual in the class? It’s this lie that we continuously tell ourselves. 06V13 rocks! Even me, a person from 06V13 can doubt that. I think it’s quite hard for me to explain to you how I view this matter but if you get it go think about it and see how we can improve the class.
If you are a 06V13 fanatic who really thinks that 06V13 rocks and since I doubt that I should go to hell kind of person, please take a step back and view things in my perspective. As I must always say, this is exclusively from my point of view and I may be right or wrong, the purpose of this entry is to identify the root of the problem and solve it, not to say that 06V13ians suck or anything.
Pls go think about it…

22 comments on “Are we bluffing ourselves?

  1. Kevin says:

    i tink i love u…
    lol no la jk. i haf loyalties. haha
    u noe, whenever i say osvot rox?
    i nvr EVER refer to the whole class.
    dats all.

  2. Thomas says:

    Then I don\’t think you should say osvot rox…You\’re giving people "false hope" and deluding people further that osvot rox. Hey that\’s my own opinion, to take it is up to you kayz?
    This whole class spirit thing is a scam. To me at least. It\’s a cover-up. honestly…hey guys please comment…

  3. Cynthia says:

    then what?
    you think la?
    we put in the blog, 06v13 sucks?!
    okay i\’m pissed but i respect your views.
    but have you given the class time? given the class a chance?
    i mean not you only but everyone.
    but besides whining and complaining, what can we do?
    instead of complaining and whining about the class committee, about the whiny girls, about the screams and shouts, about the ct, about everything everything.
    i dont deny that i dont complain also, but please at least give it a try.
    you know what i infer from your post? you\’re giving up on the class. is this fair?! huh. like those teachers. they like to call those students rotten apples, say what eh just remove the worms slowly and bla blabla.. i hate it . FCUK. why cant like they call us like shoots that have not grow or something nicer? it\’s as though we\’re prisoners who committed something wrong and need forgivement. i hate it. dashed hopes.
    so stop complaining and lastly, i\’m the one who put 06v13 rocks. if you want, [ as i put everyone in blogger as admin ] you can just go to the template and change it to 06v13 sucks.
    UP TO YOU. you\’re part of the class, and everyone makes a difference.

  4. Nicholas says:

    Hmm finally someone who doesn\’t run away from the horrible truth. Well i agree with you in most areas but some I think sadly will never work out. Before you read this I\’ve to admit that I\’m not the most perfect person out there, but then I think i hold enough to at least voice my opinions?
    Clique problem: Well my old VS class had this too. But then we had a rather huge clique with over 20 people? Ok I do admit we weren\’t perfect, but everyone had the basics to each other. Ok we discriminated a few people. We had this guy called Eric and Kenickie (now in V14) who acted rather odd. They screached in class singing songs like Toxic etc. and apparently some people didn\’t like them. And we had Srinath (aka miloman) who some people felt was extra. Other than that everything else went fantastically: we had the nicest noticeboard which looked like grafitti done during june, gatherings every holiday. Even so what I felt good about our class was that everyone tried to fit in. We had always at least 20 people coming, to about 30+ sometimes. This june even srinath came for the gathering/BBQ.
    Also, we kind of trusted one another. A true backstabbing case? Never heard of it. No one was cynical to a large extent. I honestly only mugged for Sec2 SA2 and nothing for the rest. that was the truth which i told curious ppl, and they took it without needless questioning. thats the type of trust that we had: we didn\’t see the need for useless and pointless lying.
    We also helped each other out A LOT. Little selfish actions here. i remember times where i didn\’t know how to do some questions. But whenever i asked, I get help, REAL help and even long coachings. And i never failed to pass guidance along if needed. Something rare that 2G had.
    Sure we all have our own good friends there to hang out with. but then whenever we had to operate (events like racial harmony dress competition etc) we were willing to put aside personal differences and come together. The feeling was…sincerity. (don\’t know how to put this but) You\’d put aside time, work and anything else just for a class effort, because everyone does it willingly.
    But we\’re in IP now. People feel cynical, so a chain reaction is started where everyone feels insecure and faced with insincerity, when we hopefully are not. IP is a competitive place; you\’re thrown into the rat-race so early. Though I\’m not perfect, I hope i can stop feeling insecure. After all, its mostly in the head. We don\’t have to be physically together, knowing that we are in fact together is even greater.
    As for connecting to everyone: too improbable. IP people including me (i feel) exude a cold outlook when they\’re not inside. but as long as you\’re nice enough to the person most away from u, the class can be united. This was how 2G operated at least for the majority.
    I shall show you how "IP mistrust works now" (and a little bit of self-defence). Now you would think i\’m a mugger right? What if I said I did nothing during june holidays at all (no maths revision totally and started lang arts 2 days before the submission date? Do you not feel this is nonsense? Haha are you starting to doubt now? See what i mean?
    Seriously i think most of us have been up tops for too long. Its so cold up there. 2G ppl ask why my PSLE score sucked compared to Sec 1 & 2. Want to know why? i was in the 8th class out of 10 in primary school (which totally sucked). Slacked my way up to P5, then buckled up. But then the people I met there were largely nicer than expected. What would you think about, us being students in the last of the standard? I felt that there were no barriers between one another. Natural conversation can then proceed naturally. As I grow older I feel less natural and you probably feel this way too. you begin to see more of the world. Your true friends get lesser and lesser.
    Honestly in IP I don\’t feel close to anyone at all. Friendly yes, but I can\’t seem to shake off that insecure feelings. What do we blame it on? Time? when will we stop blaming it? IP environment? Its created by us!
    Sometimes I feel so out of place that I even get scared by some people. Maybe i\’m scaring myself. But our class…we seem to rush things along too fast.. So time yes let it develop. So chalet\’s better off held at the end of year, when hopefully things take a turn for the better. After all, would you want to rush and go to a chalet which reeks of cold feelings? I don\’t wish to be a totally useless welfare rep anymore, and this will be the last time I\’m pushing things back. so please, I beg of you, after exams when we prepare, promise me to at least come ok? 2G chalet last year was fun, not because of the activities, but of the people. After it all we even stayed back to bowl.
    How i\’d like to lighten up. Acting cold is killing me slowly but surely…I hate knowing the truth but feel so useless to do anything about it. And I shall stop comparing us with my old class any more. We\’re not together now, but the spirit remains untarnished. Can we be the same? Its up to you and me.

  5. Cynthia says:

    the thing about backstabbing and ppl changing, dont you realise this is a part of growing up?
    adult\’s world is like that.
    i mean i\’m sure that it\’s not about FULLY due to the environment change, also the maturing of youths. this exists everywhre. no use complaining it when you only see them in IP. it\’s just the start.
    as a teacher once told me, it\’ll get worse when you go to JC1 and 2. guys actually betrays and forgets about friendship for girls. i\’m not saying that all guys will change but i\’m just quoting an example that people do change. and dont blame it on ip. and our classmates, they are nubbad alrdy (:

  6. Cynthia says:

    better than some hypocrite who always pretend to love the class and say all the crap.
    thank you Thomas.

  7. Nicholas says:

    haha i know my words aren\’t completely clear sometimes. i shall not engage in a debate over backstabbing etc. but just hope that our class can resist it for a little while longer. and I;m not totally blaming in on IP (where I shall avoid another debate) and our classmates. As a classmate i think i suck real bad. Its just that many of us want to, but don\’t know how to…

  8. Cynthia says:

    opps sorry Nicholas that wasnt like towards you or something. just that topic that lotsa ppl touched on. haha sorry sorry

  9. Yining says:

    GET REAL, people.
    people generally don\’t get along with everybody else.
    therefore, the existence of cliques. its NORMAL.
    as for class spirit,
    give me a reason to CARE, somebody.
    i\’m not going to try caring for the sake of it.
    cos there isn\’t a point.
    don\’t BLAME this on IP! gosh.

  10. Yinhong says:

    Maybe we should give each other more time
    We only entered ip 6 months ago? Ya?
    6 months is definitely not enough to build really strong friendship
    all the sec school frens u have
    u have been with them for around 2 years ya?
    So maybe it takes us longer to really get to know each other
    Well look on the bright side
    At least we are friendly to each other
    We still talk, maybe bicker at times, but bickering is a sign of err wads the word…
    Yea people quarrel when they care
    Yea something liddat
    Someone once told me, the older u get, the harder for u to make frens
    As in we are more cautious and careful in choosing our friends
    We are not as naïve as we were when we were kids
    We consider many things before really reaching out to someone and accepting them
    It’s a all new environment for us now (maybe not so new aft 6 months lol)
    We have expectations from our secondary schools
    How friends were in the past, heart warming, fun and true
    Maybe its sort of a simulacra?
    We compare it with our sec sku and get disappointed when things dun turn out our way
    I committed the mistake too
    Take a step at a time
    I believe a time will come when we are really bonded
    Cheers to our future!

  11. Nicholas says:

    I didn\’t say cliques are bad. I prefer to call them groups (cliques are too negative). But so long as there is inter-group harmony, a class will be more than a mere collection of people thrown together for two years. Its your choice really, because few people want to remember a class where everyone think it sucked. I had great years in Pri sch and better ones in Sec. We aren\’t caring for the sake of it, its for the sake of everyone who still believes that our class can unite happily.

  12. Yinhong says:

    oh btw
    we shld not let the adult world affect us man
    coz we are still 15!!!
    cant even watch NC 16 movies -.-

  13. Perle says:

    actually if you think about it, 06v13 is a much better class than others already.
    the word "cliques" is too strong a word to use. what exist in our class is more of "gangs". like what everybody has said, u cannot prevent the existance of gangs. people have different interests and personalities and they click better with certain ppl. and i dun see why hanging in such gangs is negative as well because when u hang in a gang, u are actually building stronger relationships with ppl. and that\’s how u find close friends right?
    i think our class has been really good already.
    at least our gangs are not so extreme until they do not talk to each other or quarrel with each other. overall, i think our class can get along very well.
    it\’s impossible to connect to every person in the class. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
    gangs, or cliques as u call them, EXIST IN EVERY CLASS. it is not very possible for everybody to hang out together and understand each other and everything. of course i would prefer to talk and hang out more with somebody that i know i can get along BETTER with right? it makes the individual happier. and when individuals are happy then the class might be happier. 
    ah well, maybe if we all put in a little more effort and appreciate our class more, then we\’ll realise that 06v13 can really rock.

  14. Thomas says:

    Haha thanks guys for all the comments. Ok first things first. Cynthia, I have never given up on this class. Like shoots which have not grown, I think this class has potential but whether we want to realise it is another thing. I think ALL of us are guilty of disliking another member of the class. That is UNAVOIDABLE. Clashes of interest, different working styles and so on. It is hard to work together as a team. Definitely, even in a group of 5, I also have problems working with others. I want things done ASAP, but some people prefer to do things slowly.
    That\’s a GOOD thing! Ever heard variety is the spice of life? If everyone was the same, life would be rather bland wouldn\’t it. But then again variety can be a problem too. But every problem has a solution. Lemme give an example from my church. It has no religious context so don\’t worry.
    In church, unity among brothers and sisters are ver important. Everyone is like a body organ. The eye cannot say to the ears that he is not needed nor can the ear say to the eye that he is useless. Everyone is important. But hey, a church has over 500 people,don\’t you think there will be even MORE personality clashes? Yet everyone is able to bond together. Why? Because there is a common cause among the Christians, to serve God above anything. That is how they bond together.
    So I ask ourselves, what is our common cause? Beating each other at End of years? Class Chalet in December Hols? See? Even our common causes can be different. But we need a giant, overlapping cause that will be able to unite us all together. A suggestion from me is to beat the other classes in Invigorate for floorball. Okay that was a joke but I believe this will be a common cause among the floorball players ya? And because of this our players will have to bond ,even if it is temporary, to achieve this common goal.
    Yah, I think that\’s what I have to say. So let\’s go and think, what can our common cause be?
    Footnotes: Cynthia, this class doesn\’t suck, not at all. It\’s just a shoot that hasn\’t grown yet. 🙂 But there\’s still one thing, 06V13 may not suck, but I still can\’t say it rocks, YET.

  15. Thomas says:

    Hmm…Perle is right. So maybe shall we try to connect with as many people as possible by end of year? Then we can all have a good time at the chalet and truly say OSVOT rocks…
    Okay, I want to be really frank here. Who seriously thinks our class rocks please leave a comment with the number A1. Who thinks our class is quite good already and just need a little bit of refinement please put A2. Who thinks our class is not bad and could use touching-up over some areas please put B3. Who thinks our class is so-so and needs alot of touching-up please put B4. Those who think that our class is gone case and needs a revolution please put C5.
    Guys I need your frank opinion on this, if you are not comfortable leaving your name, put VOTE as your name. And people, please do not dscriminate those who do not think  highly of the class. They are giving their honest opinion and only with their opinions can we improve right?
    So there, since I am the moderator of this blog, I can\’t change my name but I will give this class a B3.

  16. Lisabelle says:

    yeah man.
    go perle.
    she makes sense.
    and you know even as a ct rep
    i can honestly say
    that i really dont like the entire class.
    but like cynthia said
    thats normal.
    get real.
    thats what adult life is like.
    and our class is quite good already.
    at least our cliques dont fight.
    at least we coexist in peace
    and have fun sometimes.
    and theres no point harping about "class spirit".
    the more you harp about it
    the worse it gets.

  17. Thomas says:

    Hey I just realised that MSN space is much better than blog because u can type really long comments haha. I think I got an interactive tagboard or sth now haha. Kayz anyway back to the matter.
    Why always refer to adult life. Yes it\’s a dangerous and scheming world out there but we\’re still here! Cherish whatever childhood that\’s left. We\’re not in the adult world yet so let us cherish and remember the moments.
    Anyway, I think Nicholas and Lis is right, so long as the "groups"(not cliques) can co-exist in harmony, it shouldn\’t be a problem. I think that\’s our present state isn\’t it? How about this issue, the one I brought up first but nobody seemed to answer.
    What does it mean to you when you say that OSVOT rox?
    And about class spirit. Hard to build class spirit right? Personally, I\’m a person who only needs a few friends. Just a few, but really good and close friends that can trust each other. That\’s probably one reason I only stick with my group. Don\’t know about you guys. Haha

  18. Kenny says:

    Yes, it can\’t be all perfect… My class last year was quite divided too, yet we were completely fine with it. We didnt really see a need to change.
    Class spirit isnt important. But wad is important is the ability to get things done. And I feel we are lacking in (but not completely devoid of) that. Yes i noe i\’m hypocritical, im trying to be less like that. Come on people, dun let ur feelings get in the way when there is work to be done.
    I think that work should be put above wadeva we feel.
    Jus my thoughts. I stress that it may not be facts to u. Whether u choose to believe it is up to u.

  19. Unknown says:

    well, i guess, it\’s impossible for everyone to bond with each other cause people have personality clashes and stuff like that. so technically, what you want in your class is technically impossible… the fact that we can pull together in times of crisis (lol) is proof that we are improving… plus i think you should look at not only the other people in class but yourself and ask yourself if what you are doing is all in line with promoting this class spirit that you desire. this is not really an attack, but rather a reflection point. i think it would be nice if you thought about it, after all, everyone makes a difference right? plus it\’s really unrealistic that you want 06v13 to be as great as your past class. look at the environment you\’re in. you\’re in a jc… totally diff from a sec school. where do you think adults learn how to backstab and all? it isn\’t an overnight process and most of the time, it starts when they\’re younger. It\’s all part of growing up. Telling me that you want things to remain as they were before is totally idealistic. face it,our class is as good as it gets in our level at the moment. lower your expectations man! other classes envy our unity. it may not seem that fab to you, but to onlookers, it\’s better than what their classes are going through. think about it… sheesh…

  20. D says:

    OSVOT rocks and there\’s absolutely no doubt about it.. and yining: here\’s a reason for u to care.. because we\’re a class and we\’re gonna be stuck together for 2 yrs. u want ur life in VJ to be only made up of 1 or 2 good frens. ok they may be true good frens, but wat about the rest, they can be great frens too, if u take the time and trouble to understnad them and click with them.. i can clcik wif almost everybody, well mayb with the exception of PRCS, i\’m still trying to click wif them.. Mr yang doesnt jus put one or in my case two in each group for nothin.. he wants to mix the people around..and for my group\’s case, it\’s kinda working and i personally admire Du jing and Cui yue alot.. they rock big time for the effort in trying to click wif us.. so it\’s up to guys about the class, i for one is extremely enjoying myself presently, lamin around wif kev, thomas and jun han.. talking cock wif Ck and the others.. doin pull-ups wif Zj, jun han and Ck.. talking sick wif yin hong,, reminisincin(wrong spelling i noe) about my pri sku times:D this are all simple forms of day to day activities, but it makes me happy.. it really is.. tremendously.. and i used to be really cliquish in the past too.. but i\’ve TRIED to change. mixing around wif people in the class i NEVER even dreamed of talking to and having so much fun b4. so yea i guess we all jus hav to open up, move wif the flow, and mix around.. seriously.. MIX around.. it helps and u\’ll find, there\’re definitely more then one great fren in the class that u thought there would be:D Cheers to OSVOT;D may the force be wif all of u:)

  21. Kevin says:

    i read the comments from latest to earliest tinking it wuz chronological idea. heh.
    cherish your friends alright?
    just don\’t ever lose them.
    they may seem a bit out of your way right now..
    or you might not like them at all (a bit drastic la..)
    but seriously. they are still people you once talked to.
    people you once shared a memory with.
    … may it be good or bad.
    people you once laughed with.
    so treasure them. please.
    cuz u nvr noe when they may leave your sight forever..

  22. Keith says:

    zzzzz snore…..
    (not in any bad way…im just slleeepy..

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