Wednesday life

Today was amazing. I am so proud of what I’d done. It was a tiring but rewarding day for me. And I’m loving it. Stupid dreamweaver course proved to be … um… stupid. But that’s because I’m an IT idiot. I didn’t understand half of what Mr Astley was saying at all. But I still managed to come up with my own webby! And not bad some more… I actually managed to create a website! Something I can never imagine myself doing in my entire life…Well maybe things change. And then for sailing later on in the day, I think my tacks are almost competition ready. At least I thought I improved alot but my muscles are still too weak. Sometimes I can’t even pull myself over to the other side. Stupid harness, restricts your movements and it’s really irritating. It’s a curse and a blessing actually. It’s only a blessing when you need to hook onto the trapeze wire. It can save you alot of effort. But…that thing is a harness, well that’s what’s it’s called. And you know how a harness works right? Two freaking straps that pass in between the legs and then connect to the spreader(or waist strap). Those 2 straps make u look as if you got giant balls or sth. And when you’re hanging on the trapeze wire and encounter a wave that makes you jerk up and then slam downwards… let’s just say it’s irritating. It kinda hooks onto anything so you get stuck when you’re trying to move esp. when you’re trying to trapeze. U can’t get onto the wire fast enough because u got stuck and the boat capsizes. Then you’re going to get a very angry and very wet helmsman.
Another lifter was the World cup. Finally something good to watch. Netherlands and Argentina. I’m an Argentina fan so definitely Argentina is going to win. Either that or draw. I predict a 2-1 victory for Argentina. Netherlands can go spin their windmills because Argentina is going to win! Muahahahaha…
Anyway today was a good day, managed to finish the freaking LA assignment as well. Yippee!

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