“class outing”

Yay, today we were supposed to go East Coast to play in the sun or in the GREAT outdoors…I was super excited, almost couldn’t sleep last night. not alot of ppl came for the outing. Which is a good and bad thing. Bad because too little ppl. Good because…I shall not say. Anyway there were only 8 ppl. We were on our way to ECP, guys walking in front and girls at the back. Suddenly I received a phone call.
"Thomas, the girls want to go Suntec. SOme haven’t done their Father’s Day shopping. They say they planned already…"
WHAT THE???? You are trading East Coast for SUNTEC??? HELLO!!! WHo’s running this place man? It’s a scam!!! "they say they plan already…" WHAT THE??? It’s a scam!!! So much for East coast man. I was so looking forward to frisbee but no….Go watch movie…and shooping. Sheesh.
Worse still, they want to take a CAB there. Hey you people got money I don’t okay? Nvm, the guys ran after bus 36 and took it to Suntec. Over there we went to watch Garfield 2 which was horrible. It wasn’t even funny, very cheesy though. I managed to buy my father’s day present but I don’t think the girls did…So much for shopping. We were wandering around like lost souls in Suntec. Then after a while at approx 1 pm, they pang seh us and went home. Sui lah! Now only left Kevin, Jun Han, CK and me. Heck, now what? Nvm, since there all guys…we’ll revert back to the original plan…East Coast Park…
So we took a bus back and rented 4 bikes for 3 hours at a cost of only $5. CAN U BELIEVE IT??? $5??!! 1 hour get 2 free.WoHo. OMGosh, this is so much better than the freaking movie… So we cycle around, went to get wood and tinder for the CAMPFIRE later. Managed to find some small bits of charcoal. Whoah it was very windy and cycling was damn shiok. It’s just like riding a powerboat in open sea. The rush of the sea wind but minus the bumpy ride. WHOAHHHHHHHH. So Shiok man…After cycling we went for dinner at one of the hawker centres. We didn’t order rice or like a meal individually, we pooled our money and bought, half a chicken, char kuay teow, oyster omelette and rojak. Everything cost about 5.50 per person. And this is so much better than Mcdonald’s Wha damn shiok. 4 guys and tons of food. Ultimate bonding session.
After we returned the bikes we laid down our poncho somewhere, and started the fire…
The best anticlimax. The gas lighter I brought broke. It BROKE DAMMIT!!! Nooooooooooooo! Nvms we went to buy a cigarette lighter. Haiz. Then we ran out of tinder. The freking wood wouldn’t catch fire! It was wet lah…it rained leh…So we used newspaper, tissue paper and deoderant. it’s flammable btw. spray onto the wood. And after numerous attempts, finally the wood and charcoal cought fire and started to burn…YAY! Finally we have our campfire. Now it’s time…MARSHMALLOWS!!! Yah so we roasted marshmallows over the fire and ate it with sand and stuff. Okay minus the "stuff" just sand. CK bought pringles and soft drinks and we ate like siao. Rhoda and Priscilla came over later to enjoy the flame…Whoo! Camping spirit. today was such a fun day. Lying down on the poncho and stargazing…shiok lah. And the land breeze bringing in the smell of the sea…Ah…Life started to get better…

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