Ultimate upwind sailing training

It rained like free in the morning and after the rain, no wind. So we were stuck at NSC stoning. Then some other sailors came to talk with us and invited me to play bridge with them. OMGosh… BRIDGE??? I’m a freaking noob at Bridge…I hate biddng, that’s the only thing I can never understand. Surprisingly, my team won. TYCO!!! Hahahahhhaha. Anyway they changed the game to the game I play best… TAITI!!! Muahahahaha, they all kena own. I won 3 out of 4 rounds. Win as in 1st place hor… See? Taiti King…I lost the last one because my cards suck and I only got 1 picture card. Do you know how irritating it is to get sth like 3 4 5 and 7??? You can’t put a straight and you got the smallest cards in your hand…
"Eh, he’s good leh." Quote from Fawn. OF COURSE LAH… I’m the Taiti King!!! It’s my initials some more. TK Thomas Kwok = Taiti King… It’s fate man…but of course I didn’t say that lah… Kena whack only haha. So after the sailors left, Fawn and Zaoee took out these bunch of clothe pegs and markers. They were going to make sth for sailing team. How nice…But they roped me into making it as well. But hey, it’s for the sailing team. But soon as more people arrived, Alexi and Wei Ming all got roped into making it..
We got alot of "diseased" pegs, it was just that the pegs were not shved properly, still could see the bamboo colour on it. So I took one and made it into my own 2006 World Cup clip. I kena Soccer Fever liaoz…Haha
After that we went to go tune the boat and launched. Out at sea I thought our boat speed wasn’t that bad. We were either 1st or second…Muahahahha and our tacking improved tremendously. I love myself for that. Still need some stomach muscle though. Can’t seem to pull myself up onto the deck. So we went upwind in strong wind conditions and it was super fun…and super tiring. My knees felt like they were going to break. Anyway I think today’s training was quality training man…Maybe we CAN get third position…
Sailing pointers I learnt
1. Keep trapeze wire tight at all times so adjust the clamcleat accordingly
2. Stages of trapeze. From least leverage to maximum leverage.
-Butt on deck
-Butt out of deck (with attached trapeze wire)
-1 leg stepping on boat edge the other in the boat
-Both legs on edge, "squatting position"
-Legs bent 90 degrees
-Legs stretched
-Lower clamcleat to maximum when body is parallel to the boat edge
3. Hold Jib line at ALL times
4. Rig tension: Tighten in light winds and loosen in strong winds

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